As we age, it is important to remain active and engaged in recreational activities. Being physically active helps to maintain and improve our balance, strength, and flexibility. It can also help us manage aging-related conditions and improve overall mental health.

We hope you explore this page for resources and ideas on staying active and having fun as an older adult. From tabletop and board games to outdoor recreation, there are plenty of options to choose from!

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christmas activities for dementia (1)

22 Christmas Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Celebrating Christmas may be tricky for our loved ones with dementia or cognitive impairment symptoms. So read further as we share our detailed list of Christmas activities for seniors with dementia.

Halloween for Seniors

Halloween for Seniors: Celebrating The Spooky Day With Fun Parties!

Halloween is an excellent opportunity to exhibit your creativity. Even if you’re throwing a Halloween party for seniors and the elderly, party planning doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep reading to find out how to organize a Halloween party for seniors, the elderly, and their caregivers.

three wheel bike for seniors

3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors and the Elderly (6 Easy Ride Options)

Three wheeled bikes are a great recreation option for seniors who have slight balance issues or are beginning to have mobility problems. The best 3 wheel bicycles for seniors have a step through design, a padded seat, multiple speeds, and are easy to assemble.

senior woman and daughter with bicycle in background showing seat

Best Bicycle Seats For Seniors (6 Most Comfortable)

Cycling is no fun if your bike seat is hard, uncomfortable and causing pressure in a place you’d rather it didn’t! The best bike seats have a nice, wide seating area with shock absorbing suspension and fits nearly every bike! Learn more about buying bike seats and which are the best bicycle seats for seniors.

senior with magnifying glass

The Best Lighted Magnifier For Reading

As we all age, reading small print and intricate crafting tasks like jewelry-making, embroidery, and sewing becomes a challenge for older adults. That is where high-quality lighted magnifiers like these come in handy.

senior couple needing reading pillows

The Best Reading Pillow For Seniors

Whether you want to read your favorite book or use your laptop before going to sleep, the bed is probably the most likely place where older adults prefer to sit back and relax. Reading pillows like these provide great support and comfort for seniors with neck, shoulder, or back pain when sitting in bed.

two elderly ladies enjoying a large print game

Large Print Games for Elderly People

Most seniors and elderly people enjoy playing games to pass the time. But, sometimes failing vision gets in the way. Here are the best large print games for elderly people that will help.

therapeutic activities for elderly

7 Therapeutic Activities For Seniors And Elderly

Modern therapy takes many forms, and finding fun activities for your senior to engage in can be difficult. The following therapeutic activities for the elderly also help improve the overall health and happiness of your loved one while providing physical and mental stimulation too.

games for elderly to play alone (1)

9 Types of Games for Elderly People to Play Alone

Solitaire may be the go to solo game for seniors but there are many more beyond this familiar card game. Here are the top 9 game ideas that elderly people can play alone to pass the time and provide stimulation and entertainment.

senior woman coloring book

Helping Seniors Get The Benefits Of Large Print Coloring Books

Coloring may seem like an uncomplicated task that is largely associated with little kids. However, in recent years, more and more individuals have come to discover its efficacy as a mood enhancer and stress reliever. Coloring has especially proven to have massive benefits to seniors.

senior man exercising with beach ball

6 Best Beach Ball Exercises for Seniors

You may not be a gym-goer. You don’t even have dumbbells at home for light workout sessions. But you’ve got a beach ball in the garage. Maybe you could use you could use it to keep yourself fit.


Choosing the Best Beach Carts for Seniors

Lugging all the necessities to the beach can be a daunting task for even the youngest folks. But, for a senior, it can be the reason for not going to the beach at all. So, give one of these senior-friendly beach carts instead!

seniors riding beach cruiser bike

The Top Five Beach Cruiser Bikes For Seniors

If you’re a senior who enjoyed biking when you were younger you might think that climbing on a bike now is a bit of a risk. That may be true for the average bike, but there are some bicycles designed with safety and stability in mind. Beach cruisers are an excellent choice for seniors who want to continue cycling.