board games for dementia patients

Simple and Fun Games for Elderly with Dementia

Unfortunately, the onset of dementia seems to end the fun for some folks. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Take games for example. There are several board games for dementia patients that are easy for them to play. … Read more

colored penscils on a coloring book

Large Print Coloring Books for Seniors

It is no secret that adult coloring books have become a “thing.” Coloring is no longer considered a childish activity only for little kids. The internet is filled with articles about the benefits of coloring for adults. Many of these … Read more

chess loard with large sized pieces

Large Print Games for Elderly People

Most seniors and elderly enjoy playing games. All kinds of games: cards games, board games, puzzles and more. But, as we age, life takes a toll on our vision (among other things!). Low vision, cataracts, glaucoma and more affect our … Read more