Games and Fun

Having fun is an important part of life, regardless of age. For aging adults, seniors, and the elderly, having fun can help maintain mental and physical health and provide a sense of belonging and connection with others. Games and activities that provide enjoyment and challenge can help seniors stay engaged, active, and socially connected.

On this page, you will find articles and guides on a wide variety of fun games and activities specifically designed for older adults, seniors, and the elderly. Explore this page to find fun activities that can help you stay connected to your community, stay active, and stay healthy.

grandkids doing fun activities with grandparents

Fun Things To Do With Grandparents At Home

Every grandparent has times when they struggle with entertaining their grandkids without resorting to TV’s and tablets. And, sometimes you just don’t feel like going anywhere either. Show this list of fun things to do with grandparents at home to your grandkids and let them choose an activity. Their pick just might surprise you.

senior couple in car leaving for a day trip

Inclusive and Fun Day Trips For Seniors

Day trips can be so much more than a museum tour or a bus trip. Here are some fun, relaxing, and inclusive day trips for seniors – even those with limited mobility or health issues!