As a caregiver of an older adult, senior or elderly person, it is important to stay informed and up-to-date on the resources available to you. From understanding health insurance coverage to finding helpful tools and services, having access to the right information can make a tremendous difference in providing quality care.

On this page, you will find a collection of articles and guides that provide resources and information to help caregivers better understand the needs of the individuals they care for. We hope this page will help you stay informed and provide the best care for your loved one. Explore the page to learn more.

patience when helping elderly

Why Is Patience Important When Working With The Elderly?

Patience is important when when working with elderly adults because they need more time to process information, can get overwhelmed easily, and dealing with more than you probably understand. Learn more about the necessity of patience.

woman with negative elderly parent in background

The Art of Dealing With Negative Elderly Parents [With Examples & Causes] 

It’s exhausting having elderly parents who are negative and seem to complain all the time. But with patience and understanding plus these tried and tested coping mechanisms, you can improve the situation. Here are several techniques for dealing with negative elderly parents that you can begin using today.

Signs Of The Elderly Giving Up On Life

5 Signs Of The Elderly Giving Up On Life

If you are afraid an elderly person you love might be giving up on life, here are 5 important signs to watch for: withdrawal, apathy, increased sleep, decreasing vital signs, and rapid progression to the end. Keep reading to learn more about each stage.

live in caregiver helping senior woman with breakfast

How To Find A Live-In Caregiver For Elderly Parents

Live-in Caregivers help seniors manage their daily lives while living on-site with them in their home. So, when hiring one, you should vet them properly and make sure your senior loved one is safe. Here is how to find a live-in caregiver for seniors and the elderly

surviving a long car trip with a parent with dementia

Surviving a Long Car Trip with a Parent with Dementia

Traveling with older parents is always an adventure. But, dementia adds a whole new layer of complexity. The key to surviving a car trip with a parent with dementia is to bring familiar items, expect the unexpected, and to manage your own stress as well.

top blogs for caregivers cover badge

Top 36 Caregiving Blogs to Keep You Sane and Let You Know You Aren’t Alone!

Many caregivers have turned to the web as a source of relief, therapy, and creative expression. The result is there are hundreds of blogs and websites on the internet that deal with the caregiving experience from the early stages to the eventual sad end. Here are best caregiving blogs for stressed out caregivers