replacement vs supplemental

Medicare Replacement Plan vs. Medicare Supplement Policy

Private Medicare insurance plans come in a variety of flavors. And among them are Medicare replacement plans (better known as Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part C plans) and Medicare Supplement Insurance (or “Medigap”). So what’s the difference between these two types of plans?

senior man giving credit card info to scammer

How to Protect Senior Citizens from Scams

Scammers view seniors and the elderly as easy targets. Many have large retirement accounts and most are (too) trusting of strangers. Keep reading to learn more about the common scams perpetrated against the elderly with advice on how to protect seniors from scams like these.

frustrated seniors with head on table and stacks of bills

Should Seniors Buy Identity Theft Insurance? Pros and Cons

Seniors can be easy targets for scams and financial abuse including identity theft. Learn the pros and cons of identity theft insurance for seniors to decide if it’s right for you. I think you’ll find the pros outweigh the cons! Spoiler Alert! Yes, most seniors should buy identity theft insurance because they often have the most to lose versus the cheap cost of most policies.