Resources: Walkers and Rollators

Unfortunately, most people know little to nothing about walkers and rollators when the time comes to get one. There are more options and choices than you probably realize!

We created these guides to walking aids to help seniors and the elderly make better decisions when it comes to choosing a piece of mobility equipment. These guides include informational articles about walkers and reviews of the most popular products on the market too.

    knee walker tips (1)

    Tips for Using a Knee Walker as an Alternative for Crutches

    Knee walkers (aka Knee Scooters) are a great alternative to traditional crutches or wheelchair. They are easier (and more fun?) to use for sure. Here are tips for how to use a knee walker to improve your mobility with a list of the best knee walkers on the market.

    knee walker for outdoors (1)

    7 Best Knee Walkers for Outdoors: Get Outside Without Crutches!

    Many people who are suffering from a disability or recovering from an injury that affects one of their legs often feel confined to their homes. But, a knee walker (aka knee scooter) can help get you out of the house for some fresh air and unlimited movement. Here are the best knee walkers for outdoor use.

    senior man using an outdoor walker

    5 Incredible Outdoor Walkers for Seniors

    An outdoor walker is essential if you suffer from balance or mobility problems and still want to get outside for some fresh air. But, it is important to do so with safety in mind. Here are some of the best outdoor walkers for seniors and the elderly.

    senior man sitting in a rollator transport chair and smiling

    The Best Rollator Transport Chairs: Walkers That Convert to Wheelchairs

    Combo rollator transport chairs are hybrid walkers that convert to wheelchairs. So, if a senior gets tired and needs to rest, you can quickly convert their rollator walker into a transport chair. Then, you can safely push them to your destination. The best rollator transport chair combos convert quickly, have comfortable seats, and built-in footrests.