Resources: Bathing and Bathroom Safety

Bathing and Bathroom Safety is a vital category for seniors and the elderly, as well as their families and caregivers, who wish to maintain daily hygiene routines while keeping their dignity, independence, and well-being intact.
This resource offers a tons of informative articles, offering practical solutions and product recommendations related to bath and shower fixtures, tools, and accessories aimed at assisting in elderly and senior care. Learn how to create safe bathroom environments by choosing the best bath sponges, foot scrubbers, and shower chairs.
We share tips on assisting seniors with maintaining their dignity during bathing and providing warmth during the process. These guides on bathtub lifts, shower grab bars, and articles cover accessible showers and bathrooms for the disabled, as well as incorporating convenient bathroom accessories that suit seniors’ needs.
From selecting the ideal bathroom scales, faucets, rugs to clever small bathroom ideas, bathroom safety products, and exploring the world of bidets and bedside commodes, our Bathing and Bathroom Safety category answers all your questions related to senior and elderly bathroom safety and hygiene.

Best Non-Slip Bath Mats for Elderly

Best Non-Slip Bath Mats for Elderly Confidence and Safety

To regain the confidence and safety to shower without fear of falling, seniors should select a large, cushioned non-slip bath mat with suction cups or grippy backing, drainage holes, antimicrobial properties, and easy machine washability.

Vive Tub Transfer Bench Review

Make Bathtime Safe Again with the Vive Transfer Bench

The Vive Transfer Bench allows seniors, the disabled, and the elderly to bathe comfortably and safely by providing stability during transfers, security against slipping, and independence with supportive, adjustable seating and reversible, suction cupped legs to fit any user’s tub.

best bath lifts for seniors

Choosing the Best Bath Lifts for the Elderly to Bathe Safely Again

The MAIDeSITe Electric Bath Lift is the best bath lift for the elderly because it installs easily without tools, safely supports up to 300 pounds, a reclining backrest for comfort, and has large color-coded buttons on an intuitive waterproof remote for easy use even if you have limited dexterity, and its lightweight portable design allows seniors to bathe independently with stability and security.

MAIDeSITe Electric Bath Lift to Regain Bathing Independence

Using the MAIDeSITe Electric Bath Lift to Regain Bathing Independence

By properly installing, safely operating, and regularly maintaining the MAIDeSITe electric bath lift according to the manufacturer’s instructions and your doctor’s guidance, you can safely lower yourself in and out of the bathtub with the press of a button, restoring your ability to bathe independently.

Bath Lift Safety Tips for Seniors

12 Essential Bath Lift Safety Tips for Seniors and Caregivers

To safely use a bath lift, consult doctors first, follow all manufacturer instructions for installation and operation, exercise caution when transferring on and off the seat, comply with weight limits, keep electrical components dry, maintain the lift properly, and never use it without someone nearby who can help if needed.

Bathroom Grants for the Elderly

Bathroom Grants for the Elderly (Help Renovation Costs)

People in the United States who are aging frequently have limited resources available, particularly when finding a way to renovate their bathrooms at a reasonable cost. Here are some organizations that offer grants and funds to help seniors pay for bathroom renovations.

Bathroom Faucets for Seniors

Best Bathroom Faucets for Seniors (Easy and Safe!)

It can be challenging to choose a faucet for older adults because there are so many different designs, types of materials, price ranges, and finishes available. Learn more about the best bathroom faucets for seniors and the elderly!

Tub Transfer Benches

Best Tub Transfer Benches (Easier Bathtub Use for Seniors!)

Seniors with mobility limitations can safely and easily get in and out of the bathtub by using an adjustable tub transfer bench with sliding padded seat, backrest, armrests, and suction cup feet that allows scooting into the tub while remaining seated.

Far a Grab Bar Be From the Toilet

How Far Should a Grab Bar Be From the Toilet?

For safe use when toileting, the ADA says grab bars should be located 12 inches from the center of the toilet and at least 24 inches from the opposite side, putting them within easy reach.