Resources: Bathroom Design and Renovation

Welcome to our Bathroom Design & Renovation resource page, where we focus on creating safe and functional spaces specifically tailored for the elderly.
Here, you will find articles discussing the pros and cons of shower curtains and doors, the importance of non-slip flooring, and creative ideas to maximize space in smaller bathrooms for seniors.
Additionally, we provide a comprehensive guide for establishing a safe environment for seniors in their bathrooms, as well as information on grants available to help with renovation costs.
Navigate through these resources and discover how to create the perfect bathroom adapted to the specific needs of elderly individuals.

    Bathroom Grants for the Elderly

    Bathroom Grants for the Elderly (Help Renovation Costs)

    People in the United States who are aging frequently have limited resources available, particularly when finding a way to renovate their bathrooms at a reasonable cost. Here are some organizations that offer grants and funds to help seniors pay for bathroom renovations.