Resources: Bathroom Grab Bars

Welcome to our Bathroom Grab Bars resource page! We know safety is crucial in the bathroom, especially for seniors and elderly individuals, which is why we have compiled a comprehensive collection of articles to help you choose and install grab bars effectively.
Learn about the requirements set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for various bathroom locations and educate yourself on the best fasteners and installation methods, even when studs aren’t available.
Additionally, discover various uses and locations for grab bars to maximize elderly bathroom safety. And if you ever need to remove or repurpose one, our guide addresses doing so cleanly and safely.
Also, find out whether using a grab bar as a towel bar is a good idea and explore the best grab bars available for seniors and elderly individuals.
Let’s work together to make bathrooms safer for everyone!

    Best Fasteners For Installing Grab Bars

    What Are The Best Fasteners For Installing Grab Bars?

    When installing grab bars, the best fasteners are usually the ones that come with the grab bar, followed by screws directly into studs. If studs are not available, Snap Toggles or toggle bolts are recommended by the pros.