Resources: Toilet Safety

Welcome to our comprehensive resource page on Toilet Safety, where we aim to provide valuable information and resources to enhance your bathroom experience, particularly for seniors and those with limited mobility.
Our articles discuss a range of important topics such as bidet usage, raised toilet seats, and toilet safety rail recommendations to ensure optimal comfort and safety.
We also cover into specific concerns for the elderly, demystifying Medicare coverage for various bathroom aids and exploring the best products designed to accommodate their needs, such as bedpans for bedridden patients, bedside commodes, and grab bars for toilets.
Additionally, we offer practical advice on how to measure for, install, and maintain these essential bathroom tools and accessories.
Discover the best padded toilet seats, ingenious solutions for toilets that are too low or uncomfortable, and tips on maintaining a clean and hygienic bathroom environment for all users.
So, take a moment to browse through our collection of useful articles and boost your bathroom’s safety for yourself or a loved one today!

Far a Grab Bar Be From the Toilet

How Far Should a Grab Bar Be From the Toilet?

For safe use when toileting, the ADA says grab bars should be located 12 inches from the center of the toilet and at least 24 inches from the opposite side, putting them within easy reach.

Wipe Someone on Bedside Commode

How Do You Wipe Someone on a Bedside Commode?

It is important to ensure that your elderly loved ones are adequately taken care of at all times. So keep reading for helpful tips on how to wipe someone on a bedside commode correctly.


Top 5 Bedpans for Bedridden Patients

Bedpans are a necessary evil for seniors who spend most of their time in bed. You want to choose a high quality item that will minimize the chance of a mess and is easy to empty and clean. Here are my top picks.