Resources: Shower Design and Alternatives

Welcome to our Shower Design and Alternatives resource page, where we aim to provide valuable insights into enhancing bathroom safety and comfort for seniors and the elderly.
Our selection of articles covers various topics, such as the ideal safe shower setup, top tips and tricks for senior-friendly showers, and exploring the best shower options available in the market.
Additionally, we cover the world of portable showers and their benefits, drawbacks, and tips, as well as discuss innovative shower alternatives catering to the needs of the disabled and elderly.
To further ensure safety, our resources also suggest the best bathtub safety strips available to prevent slips and enhance senior bathroom safety.

    senior woman getting in the shower

    What Are The Best Showers for Seniors? Safe Showers!

    The best shower for seniors and the elderly provide a safe experience that reduces the chance of a slip and fall. This guide lays out some changes and safety products you can easily put in place for safer bathing.