Resources: Bed Fall Prevention and Safety

Welcome to our Bed Fall Prevention and Safety resource page, where we aim to provide you with essential information helpful in ensuring the safety and well-being of elderly individuals, particularly those suffering from conditions like dementia.
Our articles cover a wide range of topics designed to decrease the likelihood of falls and mitigate potential risks associated with them.
You can learn about the top-rated bed alarms for seniors, explore efficient prevention mattresses, and familiarize yourself with strategies to secure the sleep environment for your loved ones.
Plus, we offer advice on how to handle specific situations, like dealing with falls in nursing homes or the vital role of caregiver call buttons.
Explore this collection of articles that cater to caregivers, family members, and facility staff seeking assistance to bring about a safer future for seniors.

    Fall Prevention Mattress

    Using a Fall Prevention Mattress to Reduce Falls From Bed

    One of several ways to reduce falls from beds is to use a fall prevention mattress with raised edges. These helpful devices reduce the chance of seniors rolling out of bed by providing a barrier. Keep reading to learn more about using them as part of your fall prevention strategy.

    woman with dementia getting out of bed

    Best Bed Alarms for Elderly People: Fall Prevention for Dementia

    Bed alarms don’t specifically prevent falls but they do alert caregivers as soon as a senior gets out of bed. This early warning can greatly reduce the chance of a fall injury though! Here are the best bed alarms for elderly people who are at risk of falling from bed.

    woma talking to her elderly husband in bed

    7 Ways to Keep the Elderly From Falling Out of Bed

    To solve the problem, it’s important to identify the cause. Learn the most common causes of the elderly falling out of bed while sleeping plus 7 different ways to provide protection from falling out of bed at night.

    senior sitting at bedside with spouse with dementia

    Do Bed Alarms Prevent Falls? The Pros and Cons

    While there is not any concrete proof that bed alarms prevent falls. they are still an important part of a patient safety program. This is especially true when combined with other bed safety products.

    senior woman smiling in bed while drinking coffee

    8 Best Fall Protection Mats for the Elderly

    Fall protection mats, when placed at the bedside, reduce the chance of an injury from a fall from bed. But, there are a few cautions you should consider before using them as part of a fall prevention program.