Resources: Assistive Technology and Communication Tools

Welcome to our resource page on assistive technology and communication tools specifically designed to enhance quality of life for dementia patients, the elderly, and home care patients.
Our collection of articles aims to provide valuable information and recommendations on the utilization of whiteboards as memory aids and communication tools, as well as selecting the best options for your needs.
Additionally, we offer insights on the benefits of caregiver call buttons as an essential tool for efficient communication between patients and their care providers.
Discover effective ways to improve your loved one’s everyday life and communication through the right use of these assistive devices, and ensure their well-being and safety at home or in a care setting.

    Best Monitoring Cameras for Elderly

    The Best Monitoring Cameras for Elderly Care (and Peace of Mind)

    Choosing the best monitoring camera for elderly care requires reviewing features such as camera resolution, night vision capabilities, two-way audio communication, and privacy measures. Our senior product expert shows you how to select the ideal solution for your specific situation and create a safer, more connected environment for your elderly loved one.

    Whiteboards as a Communication Tool

    Using Whiteboards As A Patient Communication Tool In Home Care

    Whiteboards can be an effective tool for patient communication. With minimal materials and proper safety protocols, caregivers can improve engagement and satisfaction with visual reminders, checklists, and color-coded labels, ensuring positive outcomes.