Resources: Managing Elderly Behaviors

Welcome to our resource page dedicated to providing valuable information and guidance on understanding and dealing with elderly behavior.
As our loved ones age, we may face challenges in communicating and interacting with them, especially if they exhibit negativity, struggle with personal hygiene, or show signs of giving up on life.
Learning the importance of patience when working with the elderly is essential, as well as knowing when to be concerned with certain behaviors or actions.
Our articles cover the causes and examples of various behavioral challenges, offering practical advice for effectively handling such situations and keeping our elderly loved ones safe, comfortable, and well-cared for.
Explore this page to gain insights into the complexities of elderly behavior and enhance your ability to connect with and support the older adults in your life.

    elderly man bathing

    Why Do Elderly Stop Bathing? 12 Surprising Reasons (& How to Help)

    While the reasons an elderly person might stop bathing are numerous, most have to do with fear of injury, physical health concerns, or mental health problems. Use this guide to help identify potential causes plus learn some ideas that might help encourage the elderly to bathe.

    patience when helping elderly

    Why Is Patience Important When Working With The Elderly?

    Patience is important when when working with elderly adults because they need more time to process information, can get overwhelmed easily, and dealing with more than you probably understand. Learn more about the necessity of patience.

    woman with negative elderly parent in background

    The Art of Dealing With Negative Elderly Parents [With Examples & Causes] 

    It’s exhausting having elderly parents who are negative and seem to complain all the time. But with patience and understanding plus these tried and tested coping mechanisms, you can improve the situation. Here are several techniques for dealing with negative elderly parents that you can begin using today.

    seniors digital literacy

    Why Is Digital Literacy Important for the Elderly?

    Digital literacy is important for seniors and the elderly because it has a direct impact on their quality of life by providing access to information and long-distance family, saving time on daily tasks, and can even provide critical tools to manage their health.

    Signs Of The Elderly Giving Up On Life

    5 Signs Of The Elderly Giving Up On Life

    If you are afraid an elderly person you love might be giving up on life, here are 5 important signs to watch for: withdrawal, apathy, increased sleep, decreasing vital signs, and rapid progression to the end. Keep reading to learn more about each stage.