Resources: Fall Prevention Tools and Tips

Welcome to our comprehensive resource page dedicated to providing valuable information on fall prevention tools and tips for seniors.
Here, we discuss the effectiveness and safety features of various alarms and detectors designed for elderly individuals, as well as practical advice on how to prevent falls in common high-risk areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.
Additionally, you’ll find essential guides on how to properly assist seniors who have experienced a fall, the most common causes of falls in elderly individuals, and safe falling techniques to minimize the risk of injuries.
Our expert written collection of articles also includes reviews and recommendations on fall protection mats, lifting devices, and step stools to further enhance the safety and independence of your loved ones.

    Technology to Prevent Falls in Elderly

    Technology to Prevent Falls in Elderly: Simple Solutions for a Safer Life

    Discover empowering solutions for fall detection and prevention that prioritize elderly safety, independence, and peace of mind. Our home safety and senior tech expert highlights various technologies that cater to different needs and preferences while addressing the concerns and challenges faced by seniors, caregivers, and their families.

    Fall Prevention Mattress

    Using a Fall Prevention Mattress to Reduce Falls From Bed

    One of several ways to reduce falls from beds is to use a fall prevention mattress with raised edges. These helpful devices reduce the chance of seniors rolling out of bed by providing a barrier. Keep reading to learn more about using them as part of your fall prevention strategy.

    Most Common Causes of Falls In Elderly

    Most Common Causes of Falls in the Elderly: A Close Look

    As you age, your risk of experiencing a fall increases due to various factors, such as age-related changes, inappropriate footwear, environmental hazards, dehydration, malnutrition, and medical conditions. Falls in the elderly can lead to serious injuries, and understanding the most common causes can be crucial for prevention.

    Helpful Devices to Lift the Elderly Off the Floor

    12 Helpful Devices to Lift the Elderly Off the Floor After a Fall

    Lifting an elderly person off the floor after a fall improperly can cause additional injuries. Plus, how can seniors who are home alone get back up? These helpful devices lift elderly people off the floor after a fall and most can be used without needing caregiver assistance.

    senior man using an outdoor walker

    5 Incredible Outdoor Walkers for Seniors

    An outdoor walker is essential if you suffer from balance or mobility problems and still want to get outside for some fresh air. But, it is important to do so with safety in mind. Here are some of the best outdoor walkers for seniors and the elderly.

    falling out of bed in a nursing home

    Loved One Falling Out Of Bed In A Nursing Home? Here’s What To Do

    Even with the best care, seniors can have falls – including falls from bed. So, if you have a loved one falling out of a bed in a nursing home, what can you do about it? Keep reading to learn steps you can take to address the problem… and when to take more serious action.

    what to do when the elderly keep falling

    What To Do When The Elderly Keep Falling?

    Repeated falls are a sign that something is wrong – with the environment or the senior who is falling. Learn what to do when the elderly keep falling by identifying the cause and preventing additional falls in the future.

    woma talking to her elderly husband in bed

    7 Ways to Keep the Elderly From Falling Out of Bed

    To solve the problem, it’s important to identify the cause. Learn the most common causes of the elderly falling out of bed while sleeping plus 7 different ways to provide protection from falling out of bed at night.

    senior sitting at bedside with spouse with dementia

    Do Bed Alarms Prevent Falls? The Pros and Cons

    While there is not any concrete proof that bed alarms prevent falls. they are still an important part of a patient safety program. This is especially true when combined with other bed safety products.

    senior woman smiling in bed while drinking coffee

    8 Best Fall Protection Mats for the Elderly

    Fall protection mats, when placed at the bedside, reduce the chance of an injury from a fall from bed. But, there are a few cautions you should consider before using them as part of a fall prevention program.