Resources: Home Accessibility and Comfort

Welcome to our Comfort & Accessibility for Seniors at Home resource page, where we have curated a collection of articles specially designed to help you create a safe, cozy, and accessible living space for the elderly.
Our expert picks of waterproof chair pads, ergonomic office chairs, and seat cushions are tailored to cater to the specific needs of older individuals dealing with mobility restrictions or health conditions.
Additionally, we provide recommendations for safe heating pads and heaters designed with seniors in mind to ensure a comfortable and warm environment without any risks.
Explore our articles on sleeping chairs and lift chairs that offer practical solutions to enhance relaxation, accessibility, and overall well-being.
Use these valuable resources to make your home a haven for the seniors who fill it with love and wisdom!

    senior woman sitting on couch

    The Best Waterproof Chair Pads For Elderly People

    Unfortunately your furniture may get soiled even when incontinent people wear incontinence briefs. You sure don’t want to buy a new wheelchair or recliner chair frequently due to stains and odors either. Waterproof chair pads like these help prevent damage to chairs, wheelchairs, recliners, lift chairs, and more.

    Safer Rug For Your Elderly

    Choosing a Safer Rug For Your Elderly Loved One

    While the safest rug is usually not having one at all, many elderly people refuse to give up the comforts of home. So, if you must, choose a rug with a thin profile, low pile, and a no-slip backing to reduce the chances of a fall.

    Best Thermostats for the Elderly

    Choosing the Best Thermostats for the Elderly

    Many seniors wage war with their thermostats. Learn about some easy to use thermostats for the elderly plus some more techy options that you can even monitor from your own home to give them a helping hand.

    senior woman with sciatica back pain

    The Best Seat Cushions for Sciatica Pain Relief

    The best seat cushions for sciatic pain distribute weight off of the tail bone to relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve. They do this through several different methods including U shaped foam cutouts, memory foam, and gel layers.

    senior man sleeping in a chair

    Sleeping Chairs for the Elderly (When a Bed Just Won’t Do)

    Many seniors and elderly people sleep in recliners due to health concerns or mobility problems. While this is not the ideal sleeping situation, sometimes it can’t be helped. So, if you have to do it, here are the best sleeping chairs for the elderly.