Resources: Home Cleaning Tips and Tools

Welcome to our Home Cleaning Tips and Tools resource page, specially designed to cater to seniors, the elderly, and individuals with specific mobility challenges.
Our selection of articles offers practical guidance and advice on a range of topics such as house cleaning tips, handy tools for individuals with bad backs or arthritis, and decluttering solutions to restore your home’s beauty and functionality.
We have thoroughly researched and compiled a list of the best vacuum cleaners suitable for wheelchair users or those with mobility limitations due to age or health conditions.
To ensure your home remains accessible and safe, we also cover the top flooring options and considerations for seniors and wheelchair users. Dive in and discover the ideal cleaning techniques and tools to make your life easier and more comfortable.

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Seniors with Arthritis

Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners for the Elderly: Top Picks for Easy Cleaning

Our certified Senior Home Safety Specialist shares his top-rated vacuum cleaner picks for seniors and the elderly to make cleaning an older adult’s home easier, less painful, and more efficient. These vacuums have features that enhance maneuverability, ease of use, and are low maintenance and easy to empty.

Decluttering For Seniors

Decluttering For Seniors: A Guide To Reclaiming Your Home And Life

Comprehensive guidance for seniors on decluttering their homes while honoring memories connected with certain items. They should start small, recognize sentimental items, enlist help from family and professionals, donate unneeded items, and utilize storage solutions.

Best Cordless Vacuums for the Elderly

The 4 Best Cordless Vacuums for the Elderly [Lightweight & Easier to Use]

Cordless vacuums are one of the most effective and easiest ways for older adults to keep their homes clean. And cordless cleaners are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to suit different kinds of users and jobs. They can easily replace most plug-in cleaners for most household jobs. Here are some of the best.

best flooring for wheelchair

5 Best Flooring Options For Wheelchairs

The type of flooring to install in a home with a wheelchair user is one of the most important considerations. Quality flooring makes accessibility easier for persons that use wheelchairs. Balancing function and comfort though can be a tough thing to accomplish.

best flooring for elderly

Best Flooring for Elderly: Choices and Considerations for Maximum Safety

When planning new flooring for seniors there are several considerations. Think about the senior’s mobility, how slick the floor surface is, the maintenance the floor requires, and how well the flooring will absorb the shock of a fall. Here are the best flooring choices for the elderly with a few to avoid.

Bend-Free Cleaning Tools For A Bad Back

8 Bend-Free Cleaning Tools For A Bad Back

Cleaning the house can be a real pain in the … back (and the back side!) If your back hurts every time you clean, try one or all of these 8 tools for less back pain while doing your household chores!

Helpful House Cleaning Tools For Seniors

8 Helpful House Cleaning Tools For Seniors & the Elderly

As we age, some tasks and chores become more difficult to accomplish before. One of these tasks is cleaning the house. Check out these 8 cleaning tools for aging adults that will make the job easier so you can get on with the things you actually enjoy doing!

Floor Cleaning Tips For Seniors

8 Floor Cleaning Tips For Seniors

Keeping the floors in your home clean is one of the most difficult household tasks there is. What may seem like a simple household chore to most, can be back-aching work for seniors and aging adults. Sweeping, mopping and carrying around a bucket of water all become more and more difficult as we age. Here are some easier ways for seniors to keep their floors sparkling clean.

House Cleaning Tips For Seniors

10 Simple But Effective House Cleaning Tips For Seniors

Not many people get excited about cleaning the house. Sometimes, older people downright dread it! In this guide, you’ll learn some methods and tips for making house cleaning less of a chore plus ways to reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do in the first place!

senior man with using a spray bottle with arthritic hands

What is the Best Spray Bottle for Arthritic Hands?

Spray bottles are helpful household gadgets but maybe not if you suffer from arthritis in your hands. The squeezing and pumping is painful. So, here are the best spray bottles for arthritic hands for less pain.

senior woman needing help with home repair

How To Get Home Repair Help For Seniors

Unfortunately many seniors and elderly people lack the money and physical ability to maintain and repair their homes. To help, here is a list of resources that offer home repair help for seniors that is free or at reduced cost.