Resources: Home Safety and Security

Welcome to our Home Safety & Security for Seniors resource page, where we address the unique needs and challenges faced by seniors and their caregivers in maintaining a safe and secure home environment.
In this section, we provide valuable insights and recommendations to enhance door security and implement safety gates specifically designed for dementia patients.
Additionally, fire prevention and safety is crucial for older adults; thus, we cover topics such as the most appropriate smoke alarms, easy-to-use fire extinguishers, and essential tips for fire prevention and safety.
We shed light on the importance and top choices for key safes, enabling elderly individuals to obtain quick access during emergencies.
Dive into these articles to learn how to create the safest and most secure home for your senior loved ones.

    Most Common Causes of Falls In Elderly

    Most Common Causes of Falls in the Elderly: A Close Look

    As you age, your risk of experiencing a fall increases due to various factors, such as age-related changes, inappropriate footwear, environmental hazards, dehydration, malnutrition, and medical conditions. Falls in the elderly can lead to serious injuries, and understanding the most common causes can be crucial for prevention.

    Helpful Devices to Lift the Elderly Off the Floor

    12 Helpful Devices to Lift the Elderly Off the Floor After a Fall

    Lifting an elderly person off the floor after a fall improperly can cause additional injuries. Plus, how can seniors who are home alone get back up? These helpful devices lift elderly people off the floor after a fall and most can be used without needing caregiver assistance.

    senior with dementia trying to understand her calendar

    Best Electronic Calendars for Seniors & Elderly With Dementia

    For instance, tracking the time and date is pretty automatic for a lot of us. However, the elderly and seniors seem to lose track of time quite easily. On the other hand, there are many helpful devices, such as electronic calendars, that can help seniors who have dementia. Learn more about them here.

    Safer Rug For Your Elderly

    Choosing a Safer Rug For Your Elderly Loved One

    While the safest rug is usually not having one at all, many elderly people refuse to give up the comforts of home. So, if you must, choose a rug with a thin profile, low pile, and a no-slip backing to reduce the chances of a fall.

    smiling elderly parents

    11 Technology Options for Monitoring Elderly Parents Remotely

    Many elderly people are still capable of living alone but they might just need a little help. Learn how to use technology to check in on your parents without being obtrusive. I’ve also included a guide on how to have the conversation with your parents about these monitoring options.

    Best Smoke Alarms For Seniors

    The Best Smoke Alarms For Seniors & The Elderly

    The Kidde Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice Warningof aging make fires more risky for our seniors and the elderly. Mobility issues make quick escapes more difficult. Hearing problems can prevent early warning. So, to improve the chance of surviving a fire, here are the best smoke alarms for seniors and the elderly.