Resources: Dining Tools and Accessories

Welcome to our Dining Tools and Accessories resource page, where you’ll find valuable information tailored to enhance the dining experience for elderly individuals and those with special needs.
This collection of articles covers various dining essentials, such as specially-designed coffee mugs, plates, and water bottles that cater to arthritic hands and foster independence in mealtime activities.
Discover options that can help restore effortless eating and drinking, reduce spills, and promote autonomy among the elderly and disabled adults.
Explore our selection of articles today and let us help you find the perfect dining tools and accessories to meet your unique needs.

    Best Coffee Cups for Arthritic Hands

    What Are The Best Coffee Cups for Arthritic Hands?

    Arthritis pain can even take the enjoyment out of a nice hot cup of coffee. Holding onto a heavy mug with a thin handle adds to the pain. So, here are the best coffee cups for arthritic hands so you can hang onto that nice warm cup more easily.

    lightweight coffee mugs for elderly

    Lightweight Coffee Mugs for Elderly (Safer & Easier Coffee Cups)

    Dropping a heavy mug of coffee will cause a mess if not an injury for seniors. The best lightweight coffee mugs for the elderly have no-spill features, stay cool to the touch while keeping coffee hot, and are lighter and easier to lift that other coffee cups.

    Best Water Bottles for Arthritic Hands

    The Best Water Bottles for Arthritic Hands

    Arthritis pain often affects even simple tasks like drinking from a reusable water bottle. Keeping a tight grip or having to squeeze a plastic bottle hurts. So, to help you keep hydrated with less pain, here are the best water bottles for arthritic hands.