Resources: Kitchen Safety and Organization

Welcome to our Kitchen Safety and Organization resource page, specifically designed to cater to seniors and the elderly, with a special focus on those dealing with dementia.
Our aim is to provide valuable insights and solutions to help maintain a safe and stress-free cooking experience.
In this collection, you will find articles that touch on practical cooking techniques tailored for seniors, essential safety reminders for those affected by dementia, efficient and secure kitchen layouts for the elderly, as well as a comprehensive guide to stove safety.
Let us help you create a more pleasant and well-organized kitchen experience for you or your loved ones.

    Kitchen Safety Tips For Seniors With Dementia

    8 Simple Kitchen Safety Tips For Seniors With Dementia

    The kitchen can be a dangerous place for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. It seems there are hazards in every drawer. Use these simple kitchen tips for seniors with dementia to make the kitchen a safer place for someone you love!

    Guide to Stove Safety for the Elderly

    A Guide to Stove Safety for the Elderly

    Using a stove can keep a senior fed with nutritious food while providing an enjoyable activity. But, it is important that seniors can cook and use a stove safely. Here are some safety tips for both electric and gas stoves to improve kitchen safety for the elderly.