Resources: Healthy Life and Wellness

Welcome to our Healthy Life and Wellness resource page, where we strive to provide comprehensive and valuable information to support you in leading a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.
Our articles address various topics that concern the elderly, such as tackling the challenges of aging, staying warm and safe in harsh weather, maintaining physical and mental wellness, and finding companionship.
We also offer advice on practical matters like adjusting your living space to accommodate mobility needs, selecting the right pet, and using the latest technology to manage medications and monitor your overall health.
Additionally, our resources explore personal growth and development opportunities, such as continuing education and meaningful employment opportunities for seniors.
We believe that by providing knowledge and sharing our experiences, we can collectively empower seniors to live independently and enjoy life to the fullest.

Sleep Trackers And Monitors For Elderly

The Best Sleep Trackers And Monitors For Elderly

Sleeping less or declining sleep quality are a common part of aging. Using a sleep tracking monitor can help seniors and the elderly identify sleep patterns and deficiencies so that the can take steps to improve their sleep.

Top 5 Pill Dispensers for Dementia

Top 5 Pill Dispensers for Dementia: Never Miss Doses Again

Missing or forgetting medications is a serious complication of dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. But, using automatic pill dispensers and helpful reminder systems can reduce the worry. Here are the best pill dispensers for dementia patients.

Pill Reminder Apps For The Elderly

Pill Reminder Apps Offer Medication Management In Your Pocket

The best pill reminder apps for elderly individuals or their caregivers are Medisafe, Dosecast, Express Scripts, MyTherapy, Mango Health, and EveryDose. These user-friendly apps allow you to set customized medication reminders, track doses, receive alerts when it’s time to take or refill medications, and more.

senior woman who fell down is using a medical alert watch to get help

5 Best Medical Alert Watches For Seniors [Fall Alert Watches]

Medical alert devices help seniors when they are alone and have fallen or are having a medical emergency. Medical alert watches are popular because they are easy to wear and discreet too. Here are the best medical alert watches for seniors who live alone.