Resources: Walking Canes

Walking canes are an important tool for aging adults, seniors, and the elderly. They provide support and stability for those who need help walking and can help to minimize the risk of falls. Canes can also allow older adults to be more independent and can help build confidence.

On this page you will find a wealth of information about walking canes and how they can help seniors stay safe and independent. Browse our helpful articles and guides to learn more about the features, types, and benefits of using a cane. Empower yourself or your loved one with the knowledge to make the best decision when choosing a cane.

    close up of a senior woman's hand holding onto the handle of a quad cane

    4 Prong Quad Canes: Best Walking Canes for Stability and Balance Problems

    The main reason seniors use canes is for stability and to improve mobility with balance problems. Quad canes aka four prong canes have a wider base than other canes so they make better contact with the ground. In this guide, I’ll review the best quad canes based on my experience working at a medical equipment dealer.

    elderly lady walking with cane

    Does Medicare Pay for Walking Canes?

    Yes, Medicare does pay for walking canes as long as your doctor provides the correct documentation and you meet their coverage guidelines. Keep reading to learn more about the coverage criteria.