Resources: Wheelchair Accessories

Welcome to the Wheelchair Accessories page. Here you’ll find guides and descriptions of products specifically designed for people in wheelchairs. You can find gifts, flooring, gloves, blankets and wheelchairs to make life easier and more comfortable. Read on to learn more about the best wheelchair accessories available today!

    best flooring for wheelchair

    5 Best Flooring Options For Wheelchairs

    The type of flooring to install in a home with a wheelchair user is one of the most important considerations. Quality flooring makes accessibility easier for persons that use wheelchairs. Balancing function and comfort though can be a tough thing to accomplish.

    the best wheelchair gloves protect hands while propelling a wheelchair

    The Ultimate Guide To The Best Wheelchair Gloves

    Propelling yourself in a manual wheelchair all day can be brutal on your hands. You risk injuries to your fingers not to mention all the dirt and grime. So, here are the best wheelchair gloves to protect, comfort and warm your hands.

    Best Heated Blankets For Wheelchair Users

    The Best Heated Blankets For Wheelchair Users

    Winter can be a brutal season for people who use wheelchairs. Fortunately heated blankets like these keep wheelchair users warm all winter. The best ones are also cord-free and stay in place!