Resources: Transportation Tips

Welcome to our comprehensive guides on Transportation Tips for Older Adults. As we age, getting around safely and comfortably can become a challenge, but it needn’t be an insurmountable one.
Our carefully curated resources will help you navigate various modes of transportation effectively and enjoyably, whether you’re cycling, driving, or taking a leisurely train trip.
We provide insights on everything from staying safe while biking, to choosing a car that’s easy to access and drive, even for long journeys. Plus, for those train enthusiasts, we cover how to make the most of Amtrak trips.
We also understand that comfort is key, especially during extended travels, hence we provide expert recommendations on the best car seat cushions. Let’s make your travel experiences as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

    senior citizens at the airport ticket counter

    Top Tips for Pleasant Air Travel for Senior Citizens

    Air travel can be a difficult experience for anyone of any age but it is especially taxing for senior citizens. Use these air travel tips for senior citizens to make your next flight a smooth one. My most important tip? Call ahead and prepare in advance!

    senior man traveling alone

    5 Great Tours for Seniors Traveling Alone

    Traveling alone as a senior gives you the chance to see the world on your terms. Going on tours for seniors traveling alone also lets you socialize and make friends along the way too.

    Amtrak Trips for Seniors

    A Look At Amtrak Trips for Seniors (Train Travel for Fun!)

    Amtrak train trips have a lot to offer seniors who enjoy travel with flexible options, lots of fare choices, and tons of destinations. Amtrak trips are often more enjoyable for seniors because you can enjoy the travel itself in addition to your destination.