Helpful Apps For Seniors

As technology advances, it is becoming increasingly important for seniors, older adults, and the elderly to keep up with the latest apps that are designed to make their lives easier. With the right apps, seniors can stay connected with friends and family, access important services, and remain independent. 

This page recommends helpful apps for older adults, seniors, and the elderly. Here, you will find a range of articles and guides that give advice on the best apps for seniors, how to use them and how they can help. There is something for everyone, from social media to healthcare and well-being apps. 

We are committed to helping seniors stay connected and independent. So, explore this page and find out how the right apps can make life easier.

Ride Share Apps For Seniors

A Comprehensive Guide Into Ride Share Apps For Seniors

In recent times, rideshare apps are proven to be a safe and convenient tool for getting to a chosen destination, which significantly benefits older adults. And in this article, we present you with a helpful and comprehensive guide into ride share apps for seniors.

Investment Apps for Seniors

Investing for Seniors: Best Investment Apps for the Elderly

It is never too late to get started with investing. And you can learn about it as soon as you can with the help of investment apps. In this article, we share our list of the best investment apps for seniors with helpful tips to keep on track.

Meditation Apps For Seniors

The 6 Best Meditation Apps For Seniors For Clearing Your Head

Meditation helps older adults reduce their stress and anxiety while also allowing them to cope with their emotions. And here, we share with you some of the best meditation apps for seniors that will help them track and enjoy the practice even more.

Yoga Apps For Seniors

The Best Yoga Apps For Seniors (Even for Beginners!)

Yoga is a form of physical and mental exercise that benefits all ages. When just getting started with it, the most important thing is to take it easy. Keep on reading for a list of some of the best yoga apps for seniors to try today.

Exercise Apps For Seniors

The Best Exercise Apps For Seniors To Get You Up and Moving!

Your fitness shouldn’t be left behind even as you grow older. Today, apps on your smartphone can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Read further for a detailed list of the best exercise apps for seniors to stay in shape at any age.

Best Apps For Dementia Patients

Best Apps For Dementia Patients (Reminders, Games, Tracking & More)

With tons of mobile apps currently available, there are also those specifically made and designed to help patients with dementia. Because of said apps, the lives of dementia patients and their caregivers can now be a bit easier to manage. So here, we share with you some of the best apps for dementia patients that will be helpful to you and your aging loved ones.

Health Apps For Seniors

Best Health Apps For Seniors: A Healthy Lifestyle Using Technology

Many seniors struggle with keeping up with their exercise, meditation, prescription, and their overall well-being. Fortunately, there are now many health and wellness apps that make life easier to manage. So read further for a detailed list of some of the best health apps for seniors available today.

iPhone Gaming For Seniors

iPhone Gaming For Seniors – Have Some Fun

At any age, a wonderful adventure awaits those who play games. Gaming also excites the mind and makes you think. In this article, we share a detailed list of iPhone games for seniors to explore and enjoy.

Best Music Apps For Seniors

The Best Music Apps For Seniors (Simple Apps for Easy Streaming)

In this day and age, it is now easier to listen to music that you like using music apps. You or your loved one should pick a music app that has the best features based on your usage and preference. So take a look at some of the best music apps for seniors we have listed in this article.

Best TV Streaming Apps for Seniors

Best TV Streaming Apps for Seniors: Easy to Use, Helpful, and Fun

There are many options available when it comes to streaming services you plan to use. As long as you have a mobile phone, tablet, TV, or computer, you’re all set. Read further for a detailed list of some of the best TV streaming apps for seniors to choose from.

Coloring Apps for Seniors

All About Coloring Apps for Seniors (Easy Ways to Keep the Mind Active)

It is said that coloring has therapeutic benefits for adults. And when the elderly have difficulty in holding coloring materials, apps on mobile devices make coloring still possible and way easier. Here’s what you need to know about coloring apps for seniors and how your aging loved one can get started with them.

Game Apps For Seniors With Dementia

Best Game Apps For Seniors With Dementia (Memory, Matching, and More)

Playing memory or word games may help in preventing cognitive decline. And to those affected by dementia, it is important to maintain their mental health even if via playing games. Here are the best game apps for seniors with dementia including word games, puzzle apps, brain games, and more.

Game Apps For Disabled Adults

10 Fun Game Apps For Disabled Adults

Most mobile game apps are not designed for the use of persons with disability. But now, game developers are understanding the need for games that are accessible to individuals of all abilities. Here are some of the most fun game apps for disabled adults.

Game Apps For The Visually Impaired

Game Apps For The Visually Impaired That Are Fun And Easy to Use

Thanks to modern technology, there are now apps that help visually impaired seniors to improve their lives. Yet, visual impairments should not act as a limiting factor for the elderly. So in this article, we share with you some of the best game apps for the visually impaired that you and your loved ones might find enjoyable and helpful.

Alexa Apps for Seniors

Alexa Apps for Seniors: Helpful Skills & Routines for Older Adults

From setting up the timer to asking for help, Alexa devices have much to offer to their users. And even older adults should be able to maximize the use of Alexa devices and apps. So here, we discuss in depth the available Alexa apps for seniors that might be helpful for you and your aging loved ones.

best ipad games for dementia

What Are the Best iPad Games For Dementia?

Here are seven iPad games for dementia that can help ease these feelings of anxiety by introducing new activities and ideas into your everyday life. These games will help keep your mind sharp while also giving you something fun to do during those tough days.