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It can be difficult to keep up with the latest audio and video equipment as we age. But it’s important that seniors have access to easy-to-use, reliable equipment to stay connected with family and friends, access resources and entertainment, and remain independent.

That’s why we’ve created this category page for articles and guides about audio and video equipment for older adults, seniors, and the elderly. Here you’ll find helpful information about the best products to help seniors stay connected and engaged. We hope you find what you need to help make life easier and more enjoyable. So take a look around and explore the page!

Audiobook Players for Seniors

Audiobook Players for Seniors (Enjoy Great Stories Again!)

Audiobook players are digital devices that read books out loud for seniors with failing eyesight or other conditions that make reading difficult. The best audiobooks for seniors and the elderly have large clear screens, easy to understand instructions, and loud speakers or good headphones.

old man listening to radio

Best Radios for Seniors and the Elderly (8 Simple Options)

Radios for seniors and the elderly should be simple to use, with loud speakers, and large, easy to read buttons. Portable radios for seniors should be lightweight and compact too. Here are the best radios for seniors and the elderly with some options for dementia patients.


What Is The Best Universal Remote For Seniors (8 Easy Options)

As we age, it becomes more difficult to control the electronics around us. This is especially true for televisions and DVD players. A universal remote can help you regain some of that control. Learn more about choosing the best universal remote for seniors and the elderly.

senior couple watching TV

The Best TV Speakers for Seniors Who Want to Hear the TV Better

Separate TV speakers including sound bars are best for seniors with hearing aids and who usually watch TV alone. These are available as wireless speakers that can sit right next to the user. Another version is soundbars that sit next to the TV set. Some come with headphone jacks that can be used when there are others listening to the TV at the same time.

maxi pro vs pocketalker ultra

Maxi Pro vs Pocketalker Ultra: Which PSAP is Best?

The Maxi Pro from Bellman & Symfon is a feature-rich and easy to use personal amplifier for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. The Pocketalker Ultra is one of the more popular products on the market. But, which is best for you?

Maxi Pro Personal Amplifier Review

In Depth Review of the Bellman & Symfon Maxi Pro Personal Amplifier

The Maxi Pro Personal Amplifier is a relatively easy to use device for people with mild to moderate hearing loss that helps them hear better. You can use is it for conversation, your cell phone, your favorite audio devices, and even with the TV. But is it the best PSAP for you?

senior woman smiling and enjoying music through her noise cancelling headphones

What Are The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Seniors?

Headphones with noise cancellation features help seniors hear better by filtering out background noise. The best noise cancelling headphones for seniors are affordable, wireless, comfortable to wear, lightweight, and easy to use. Keep reading to see my top picks!

senior woman playing video game and wearing a headset

What Are The Best Gaming Headsets For Hard Of Hearing

You know what? Seniors can be gamers too! Playing video games helps keep the mind sharp and can help hand-eye coordination. But, what about those who have hearing difficulties? Here are the best gaming headsets for hard of hearing people.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Seniors

What Are The Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Seniors?

Bluetooth earbuds can be extremely helpful for seniors who have trouble hearing their cell phone or music from their favorite device. In this guide, I’ll show you what features are important to seniors as well as what I think are the best bluetooth earbuds for seniors.

older TV with antenna against the wall

What Are The Best Wireless Headphones For Older TVs?

Having trouble hearing the TV is often the first sign of a hearing problem. And, TV headphones can help with that. But, what if you have an old TV and don’t want to get a new one? To help you out, I put together this list of the best wireless headphones for older TVs. You’ll also learn more about the types of connections you’ll need to hook up TV headphones.


Reliable Alternatives To Hearing Aids If You’re Not Quite Ready!

Not quite ready to go all in on a hearing aid? There are many reliable alternatives to hearing aids today. Some examples are personal sound amplifiers, amplified phones, and assistive listening devices. Tools like these can help tremendously especially for those with situational hearing difficulties.

senior man turning off alarm on his clock radio

Simple Clock Radios For Seniors: Alarm Use is Optional!

Clock radios have fell out of favor to cell phone alarms but many seniors still prefer them to newer technology. The best clock radios for seniors are easy to use, easy to see, and have loud alarm and speaker volumes. Here are some simple clock radios for seniors to keep by the bed.

senior man speaking into a simple digital voice recorder

Simple Digital Voice Recorders for Seniors & The Elderly

Digital voice recorders have lots of uses for seniors from recording reminders to preserving family oral histories. Voice recorders for the elderly should be simple to use, convenient to carry, and have great audio quality with large buttons. Some of the easier to use models are in the article below.