Resources: Communication & Social Media Apps

Are you looking for ways to stay connected with your aging loved ones? Social media and communication apps are a great way to do just that! On this page, you’ll find the best social media apps and messaging apps for seniors. We’ve also included helpful Alexa skills and routines for older adults so they can maximize their use of Alexa devices. With these tools, seniors can keep in touch with loved ones near or far, make new friends, and rejuvenate their social life. So let’s get started!

    Alexa Apps for Seniors

    Alexa Apps for Seniors: Helpful Skills & Routines for Older Adults

    From setting up the timer to asking for help, Alexa devices have much to offer to their users. And even older adults should be able to maximize the use of Alexa devices and apps. So here, we discuss in depth the available Alexa apps for seniors that might be helpful for you and your aging loved ones.