Resources: Entertainment Devices

Are you looking for ways to help elderly and seniors stay entertained? Look no further! This page is all about audio and sound enhancing devices that can make life easier. Here, you’ll find reviews of CD players, MP3 players, radios and digital voice recorders that are designed with large buttons and bright displays to make it easier for seniors to use them. We also have tips on how to best enjoy music while staying safe. Lastly, we provide information on access for seniors so they can find the right device to suit their needs.

    BenQ treVolo U Bluetooth speaker

    How the BenQ treVolo U Dialogue Speaker Improves Voice Clarity for Seniors

    The BenQ treVolo U Bluetooth speaker optimizes audio quality for seniors with technologies like a specialized microphone, human voice enhancement engine, and built-in hearing test for audio customization. By boosting sound clarity and comprehension, the treVolo U enables elderly listeners to comfortably enjoy conversations, music, TV, and other media through simplified Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones, computers, tablets, and more.

    Best Radios for Seniors

    Best Radios for Seniors and the Elderly (8 Simple Options)

    Radios for seniors and the elderly should be simple to use, with loud speakers, and large, easy to read buttons. Portable radios for seniors should be lightweight and compact too. Here are the best radios for seniors and the elderly with some options for dementia patients.

    senior man speaking into a simple digital voice recorder

    Simple Digital Voice Recorders for Seniors & The Elderly

    Digital voice recorders have lots of uses for seniors from recording reminders to preserving family oral histories. Voice recorders for the elderly should be simple to use, convenient to carry, and have great audio quality with large buttons. Some of the easier to use models are in the article below.