Resources: Clocks and Time-Keeping

Are you looking for the best alarm clocks, watches and medical alert devices to help seniors stay on top of their time-keeping? Our Clocks and Time Keeping category offers a comprehensive guide to finding the perfect clock for each individual’s needs. We address unique challenges facing seniors such as vision impairment and hearing loss when it comes to alarms, speakers, and easy-to-read displays. Learn about why clock radios are preferred over cell phone alarms by many seniors, how electronic calendars can help those with dementia keep track of date and time, and the features that make medical alert devices ideal for those living alone. Here you will find tips on making an informed decision on clock type so you can get the most out of your purchase. With these tools, enhance your loved one’s independence in their daily routine while making life easier for both caregivers and family members alike!

    Best Alarm Clocks for Seniors

    Best Alarm Clocks for Seniors: Hear, See, and Rise with Ease

    Discover the perfect alarm clock designed to cater to seniors and the elderly, addressing their unique needs and challenges. In this comprehensive guide, our senior product expert helps you explore various options, key features to consider, and tips for making an informed decision, ultimately enhancing a senior’s independence and daily routine.

    Simple Clock Radios For Seniors

    Simple Clock Radios For Seniors: Alarm Use is Optional!

    Clock radios have fell out of favor to cell phone alarms but many seniors still prefer them to newer technology. The best clock radios for seniors are easy to use, easy to see, and have loud alarm and speaker volumes. Here are some simple clock radios for seniors to keep by the bed.

    Easy to See Clocks for Seniors

    Best Clocks for Seniors: 11 Helpful Options to Take Back Time

    Discover how the perfect clock can transform the lives of seniors and the elderly by providing an easy-to-read time display and reducing the stress associated with time management. Our senior product expert highlights the best clocks available, their key features, and the positive impact they can have on seniors, their caregivers, and their families.

    Best Easy to Read Watches for Seniors

    10 Best Easy to Read Watches for Seniors for 2022

    Watches are a necessary accessory for many older adults. But, as we age, things like big numbers, large watch faces, and ease of use become more important. Here are the best watches for seniors and the elderly that are easy to read too!

    senior with dementia trying to understand her calendar

    Best Electronic Calendars for Seniors & Elderly With Dementia

    For instance, tracking the time and date is pretty automatic for a lot of us. However, the elderly and seniors seem to lose track of time quite easily. On the other hand, there are many helpful devices, such as electronic calendars, that can help seniors who have dementia. Learn more about them here.

    senior woman who fell down is using a medical alert watch to get help

    5 Best Medical Alert Watches For Seniors [Fall Alert Watches]

    Medical alert devices help seniors when they are alone and have fallen or are having a medical emergency. Medical alert watches are popular because they are easy to wear and discreet too. Here are the best medical alert watches for seniors who live alone.