Hobbies for Elderly Men that are Engaging and Entertaining!

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senior man making a toy out of wood as his hobby
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As men get older and their lives slow down a bit, a hobby can make all the difference in adding a little excitement and enjoyment to his life. But, where to start? When you’ve spent most of your life working and taking care of children, it may be a little difficult to think of doing something just for yourself. I’ve put together a list of common fun hobbies in all kinds of categories, from arts and crafts to sports to more contemplative hobbies like writing or brain games. This should get you thinking about what you really enjoy doing in your downtime, and give you an idea of where to go to get started on these hobbies!

Arts and Crafts


While this is a hobby on the more expensive side, it’s one that you can really dive into – and maybe even make a bit of a career out of! There are so many elements of good photography that it can take you years to master, experimenting with different cameras, lenses, techniques and more to create images that you truly love.

If you already have an interest in photography but would like to learn how to take better pictures from your own home, check out Learn and Master’s video instruction course for photography.


Woodworking is another great hobby for elderly men because it involves a lot of hands-on work and produces a beautiful, tangible product or project. They can make all sorts of crafts and keep their hands and minds busy for hours to days on end.


Along those lines, they can also take up painting and learn how to professionally paint their final woodworking product, or just work with traditional canvas art as well. Painting is incredibly calming and soothing, and allows for a lot of internal creative expression and experimentation. And, you can learn to paint at home too with Learn and Master’s home video painting course.


Creating beautiful pottery for your home is just as meditative and soothing as painting, except you get to get your hands a little dirty. But remember, this hobby looks much easier than it is! Look into classes in your local area to get your technique down.

senior man painting in a japanese garden

Combining indoor and outdoor hobbies can be particularly engaging.



If you’re more of an outdoors-man, check out a new sport. Usually, lower-impact sports like golf, are better on older bodies because they don’t require much exertion, conditioning, or training. You want this hobby to be enjoyable after all, not a high-stress, competitive marathon. Afraid your swing isn’t what it used to be? Check out my guide to golf for seniors for tips and advice.


Another great sporting option for older men is tennis. You basically control the pace and intensity of the game, and while it can get into the high-performance levels, you can also just have a quick gentle game with some buddies, or even play with yourself against a racquetball wall to keep your muscles active and your joints in good shape.


For something a little more grounded and gentle, why not try gardening? It can be incredibly rewarding to come in from months of tending to a garden with a fresh bounty of fruits and vegetables for your family to enjoy. Check out garden stools that can make gardening easier for seniors.


Birding is a great outdoor activity, with plenty to study and beautiful sights to see. It can also be done anywhere, anytime, so grab a pair of portable binoculars and a small journal and take your hobby with you wherever you go!


Creative writing

Creative writing can be an unmatched outlet for some people. Creating an entire world, or even universe, completely different from reality, or grounded in reality with fictional characters, is one of the most fun ways to use your imagination (in my opinion, anyway). Older men also have a ton of experiences to draw from when looking for inspiration, so sift back through your memory and create your own story!


Sometimes, sifting back through your memories can bring up a host of stories you want to chronicle. Journaling about your life’s experiences can be valuable for you, and your family for posterity’s sake. Recall the good old days as you saw them, and recreate those scenes on paper.

chess board with large sized pieces in front of a roaring fire

Games like chess can keep the brain busy and make the time really fly by.

Brain Games


Mental stimulation becomes increasingly important as we age, especially in retirement. Pick up chess or a similar game to keep your mind sharp. If you get good enough, you can even enter tournaments or teams locally and find a whole group of people with similar interests, and learn new ways to improve your game.


Sudoku is another fun brain game that has to do with logic, but it’s more of a solo activity since you’re not playing against anyone but yourself. This unique situation gives you enhanced logic skills and trains your brain to think rationally in brand new ways.


You may have enjoyed kids’ puzzles as a child, but they actually make very complex, beautiful, and tricky puzzles for adults too! This also keeps the brain sharp while doing a fun activity that family and friends can join in on. For senior men with arthritis, try puzzles with larger pieces that are easier to pick up.

Card Games

Why not try your hand at mastering a game of cards? There are plenty out there to choose from, and plenty of in person and online communities devoted to mastering the craft of certain games. Working with your hands, stimulating strategic thinking, all combined with a little bit of luck can be a perfect pastime for an elderly man.

Learn a New Language

Also, learning a new language can be very rewarding and stimulate parts of your brain that you may have never used before! Find one that you’ve always admired, and see if you can find online learning tools to help you practice until you master your new form of communication. Maybe you can even plan a trip to the language’s country of origin to give you a bit of motivation!


Finding a cause that you really care about, and then working with an organization that shares your values and creates real change in this area in your community can be one of the most fulfilling things a person does in their life.

Check out local groups near you and see if you can find one that would fit your interests. There are usually environmental groups that do regular cleanups of the local area, as well as organizations devoted to helping the homeless in your town, or childcare facilities that need help as well.

You can also join political groups that are always looking for volunteers to help elect a candidate you truly believe in. Any of these will keep you engaged in today’s society’s issues on a local level, and give you an entirely new community of friends to bond with!

Summary and Final Thoughts

Any and all of these hobbies would be easy and fun for an elderly man to pick up. Some require certain abilities or extra costs that may not work for you, so see which one would fit your lifestyle and interests best. Click here to check out more hobby ideas.

Do you have a hobby not listed here that you’d like people to know about? Share your experience below!

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