How To Be Inspired Mentally When Going Gray

gray haired man pointing and smiling while hugging his wifeLife’s Golden Years can be considered one of life’s best moments, as these are the years where you can retreat, step back, and focus on reflecting on your various experiences in life and sharing them with your loved ones. However, just because you’re going gray doesn’t mean you’ve been limited from doing the things you love. If you feel as though you’ve become demotivated because of your age, don’t fret as there are ways on how to be inspired mentally when going gray. In this article, we’ll help you take a more positive approach towards your Golden Years, and may hopefully motivate you into achieving more of your life’s dreams in the process.

Before we tackle better ways on how to be inspired mentally when going gray, it’s perhaps important to consider a few numbers first. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, feeling depressed is a natural part of growing up, and it’s a perfectly treatable condition. Unfortunately, older adults do have an increased risk when it comes to depression, and may need assistance once diagnosed.

For anyone with depression, this isn’t solely just feeling “sad,” as this can very much take a negative toll on the lives of anyone experiencing it. If you, or a senior you know, is feeling a bit uneasy over some things in life, they may need that gentle push towards being inspired. In fact, psychologists do consider inspiration as a springboard for creative activity, which means seniors who are inspired are also likely to be able to achieve their dreams in the Golden Years. If you’re curious as to how you could maintain this kind of inspiration, here’s how:

Encourage few but manageable goals: You can perhaps start by focusing on few but manageable goals. This isn’t to underestimate your capabilities in your Golden Years, but this at least helps you assert your independence and relevance, as well as companionship and security. Being goal-oriented can instill feelings of pride in accomplishment, a sense of purpose, and motivation.

  • You can start with a few passion projects, such as completing a small craft, to something even mundane such as finishing cups of coffee. Giving yourself goals you can accomplish can push you further and help motivate you work through personal goals you may have forgotten through the years.
  • Being goal-oriented also helps you find better ways of solving daily problems you encounter, and can even help you become mentally focused. This can help stave off mental disorders that involve being forgetful.

Encourage the affirmation of self-identity: It’s also important to make sure you affirm your sense of self, as this helps fulfill relevance, companionship, and emotional security. You’ve experienced being young and full of vigor, and your experiences may have started to weigh on you and resulted in a much calmer persona. Try to find ways to reinvigorate that fire of youth by affirming your sense of self.

  • Surround yourself with wonderful memories such as awards and honors, trophies, movies, music, fragrances, artifacts, posters, postcards, and photos. This can enrich your living environment and can become topics of conversation you can have with others.
  • You can motivate yourself by making your own biography, which is also a good way of making sure you’re socially, emotionally, and cognitively active. You can ask someone to do this for you, or you can do it yourself.

Encourage the use of technology: It’s also important for you to acknowledge the many ways technology can actually benefit your daily life, as this can help fulfill feelings of companionship and relevance, as well as independence and security. Social networking and the internet are such great ways to connect with friends and family, and this can have a lot of inspirational benefits.

  • Helping seniors stay up to date with things their friends and loved ones do, as well as connecting them to a worldwide network filled with both seniors and younglings with the same interest, can help you – and them – feel relevant. This can be a motivational tool.
  • You can also use the internet make sure you stay up to date with current trends and be in the know-how on how to use a lot of technologies that can help your daily life – from applications to actual hardware.
  • Keeping yourself up to date with how technology works can at least put you in a better position to relate to both young ones and fellow seniors. You can even help them out by teaching them how to use tools and apps that might be confusing them, making yourself a mini-mentor and may even be a means to jumpstart conversations and develop social relations.

Encourage usefulness and adaptivity: It’s important you keep yourself activate and engaged, as this keeps you feel things such as independence, relevance, companionship, and security. Find ways to be able to use your skills to contribute to the household or to where you’re residing, such as giving advice or helping out with various things that could use your various skill sets through the years.

  • Try to provide advice to younger ones that might need them, especially to things you’ve experienced in the past.
  • Have realistic goals that makes use of both what you’ve learned in the past and what you’ve learned in the present in order to make results that are intuitive and new, even for you.
  • Try to introduce yourself to manageable projects you can start doing that are particularly useful to your general community.

Conclusion: Age Is Not A Limitation

Perhaps it’s important to remember that age should not be considered a limitation when it comes to keeping yourself or another senior mentally inspired. When it comes to inspiration, perhaps the key is to keep yourself occupied with creative resources and foster an environment that cultivates ideas constantly. This might seem a bit challenging at first, especially if you need that push to start having a more positive and inspired outlook towards your activities every day. However, a bit of time, a patience, and effort can surely pave towards an inspired, a brighter, and a better life in the golden years.  If you find you’re struggling with aging mentally, then you could look into help from psychologists like TG Psychology to help you through this transition.

Editor’s Note:  This article was contributed by Todd Griffin. Todd is the Director and Principal Psychologist at TG Psychology, in Penrith, NSW. He has over 14 years of experience working with adults and young people in both public health and private practice settings. He has treated people from diverse cultural backgrounds, with a variety of emotional health and behavioral issues, including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, anger, addictions, trauma, and grief. He has also facilitated a number of group programs, treating a wide range of issues: from quitting cannabis, to social skills training, self-esteem development, and deliberate self-harm behaviors.

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