What Is The Importance Of Providing Assistance To Elderly?

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When people grow old, may become sick, frail, and weak. And, yes, they may need more attention, love, understanding, and more importantly, quality care or assistance. Of course, caring for the elderly can be demanding - but here is why it is important.

providing assistance to elderly
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Even though a child or relative could care for his/her elderly parents, the challenges are huge since they have to deal with family and career issues at the same time.

In fact, providing assistance to the elderly, especially to an adult with mobility issues, is a demanding task that requires much more than what a child or relative could provide.

This article highlights the importance of providing assistance to the elderly and tips for caring for the elderly.

Why Should You Provide Good Elderly Care?

Most people find it harder to care for their aging parents or grandparents because they have their own families and careers to take care of. But providing quality care for your elderly loved one is a duty that you cannot neglect.

Here are some reasons to ensure the elderly are provided with the best possible care:

They Are Your Parents and They Love You

Your elderly parents raised you and made many sacrifices for you and the family throughout the years to make sure you grew up to the person that you are today. They loved you and cared for you when you couldn’t take care of yourself. Now it’s your turn to care for them since they cannot take care of their own needs.

It Shows Your Appreciation

Caring for your aged parents is one way to show that you love them and care for them. Make sure you attend to their needs and provide the best care possible at all times.

They Need to Feel a Sense of Purpose

Quality care on your part helps instill a sense of purpose in your aged parents. That way, they will always look forward to the days ahead of them instead of being filled with uncertainty and frustration.

They Also Want to Feel Like They Matter

Providing your elderly parents with quality care by yourself or a professional will stop them from feeling isolated or depressed. Quality care helps provide them with a sense of community and belongingness.

They Could Be Nearing The End

With the age of your elderly parents, their future becomes uncertain sooner or later. It can take a toll on their mental and physical health. You should provide the necessary assistance to make them live out the rest of their lives happily and at peace.

Tips For Providing Assistance To The Elderly

Seniors need extra assistance getting through their daily lives. Most seniors find it hard to complete the vital “Activities of Daily Living” (ADLs) due to mobility issues. Here are some of the most important tips for providing assistance to the elderly.

Bathing and Hygiene

Seniors should maintain a good level of personal hygiene for optimal health and well-being. Bathing assistance should be provided by a professional caregiver to ensure your senior stays healthy. In addition to bathing, a professional caregiver can provide a myriad of personal hygiene-related tasks including skincare and brushing teeth.


If your senior is unhappy with his/her appearance, it can affect his/her self-esteem. Knowing that he/she is well-groomed is a great way to promote happiness and self-esteem in your senior. Hiring a professional caregiver will help your elderly parent with all manner of personal grooming-related tasks.


If your elderly parent is unable to feed him/herself, a personal caregiver can prepare meals and feed him/her.


If your elderly parent is experiencing severe mobility issues, a professional caregiver can help him/her to safely get in/out of bed and move around their living space. Safety is a major concern in elders with mobility issues. They are more likely to be susceptible to injury should a fall or other accidents occur. A personal caregiver will also encourage your elderly parent to perform the stretching exercises recommended by his/her physical therapist.

When a person grows older, he or she may become sick, weak, and frail. These people require assistance to complete their daily tasks. You should provide professional assistance to your aging parent so that he or she lives with dignity and respect for the rest of their life.

Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®
Assistive Technology Professional

Scott Grant has spent more than 20 years serving seniors and the elderly in the home medical equipment industry. He has worked as a manufacturer's rep for the top medical equipment companies and a custom wheelchair specialist at a durable medical equipment (DME) provider in WV. He is father to 4 beautiful daughters and has three terrific grandkids. When not promoting better living for older adults, he enjoys outdoor activities including hiking and kayaking and early morning runs.

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