Why Is It Important to Volunteer With The Elderly [6 Tips]

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It is important to volunteer with the elderly because it prevents loneliness and isolation and it gives the elderly a sense of purpose. Plus, it's an opportunity to make new friends and form a connection with someone new.

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Did you know that volunteering helps strengthen communities? Well, if you are looking for great volunteering opportunities, you should consider volunteering with the elderly. As much as it helps you as a volunteer, the seniors will love it too.

Here is what you need to know about volunteering with the elderly and how to choose the right volunteering options.

Why Is Volunteering With The Elderly Important?

Here is why you should take your time to become a volunteer that helps seniors and the elderly:

1. Prevents Loneliness And Isolation

As seniors grow older, they often suffer from social isolation. With fewer interactions, loneliness creeps in and it might have a negative impact on someone’s health. Well, by volunteering with the elderly, you should be able to give them something to look forward to every time. You will improve their socialization and help keep their brain active.

2. Gives The Elderly A Feeling Of Purpose

As we grow older, we start losing our sense of purpose. Children will grow up and move out of the house. We will also retire from our jobs. Even worse, we might have a hard time doing a lot of physical activities.

As such, volunteering with the elderly gives them a sense of purpose. You should be able to give them a new zest for life. It can also help them feel motivated and accomplish other goals.

3. Meeting New Friends

Retiring from a career or moving to a new neighborhood might make it harder for seniors to make new friends. Well, by volunteering with the elderly, you make it easier for older adults to meet new friends. You should be able to build friendships with like-minded older adults and build a community together.

4. A New Way To Reconnect

Does your older loved one have a hard time reconnecting with their spouse or grandchildren? Well, by interacting with volunteers, they can strengthen their relationships and reconnect effortlessly. Together, you should be able to learn how to learn, make new memories and help others.

Tips For Volunteering With The Elderly

If you are looking for ways to start volunteering with the elderly, here is what you need to do.

1. Check With The Local Authorities

In your community, it’s easy enough to find older adults who could use simple things such as conversation, buying groceries or transportation to their doctor’s appointments.

Therefore, if you want to start volunteering with the elderly, find out from medical professionals, community service centers and other departments to identify elderly adults who need your help.

2. Join A Local Volunteering Organization Or Group

Do some research and find the private organizations that provide services to the elderly. They are always looking for volunteers who can work with the elderly in the community. Check Salvation Army or the Red Cross and start volunteering with the elderly as soon as possible.

3. Work With A Senior Living Community

Your local area has a lot of senior centers so they are the best places to volunteer with the elderly. Start by contacting the local senior center and find out how you can offer your volunteer services.

4. Donate Money

You might not be able to volunteer with the elderly in person but you can donate money to help with the elderly. Make sure you donate money to an organization that helps directly with seniors. Depending on where the donation is going, you might specify how you want the donation to be spent on seniors.

5. Visit The Elderly

If you are not looking to go through a formal volunteering process, you can visit the elderly as part of your volunteering initiative.

Whether it’s an elderly loved one or neighbor, you can visit them as frequently as possible during your free time. Spend time together as you watch TV, share stories or play board games.

6. Help The Elderly With Things Around The House

Most seniors who are living at home as they age might have a hard time handling everything in their house. They need someone to help them shovel snow, prepare meals or with simple gardening tasks.

Take the time to do this for your elderly loved one or neighbor. They will definitely love having you around.

Final Thoughts

Seniors need a lot of companionships as they grow older. Take the time to make them feel like they belong and have a sense of purpose with volunteering.

Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®
Assistive Technology Professional

Scott Grant has spent more than 20 years serving seniors and the elderly in the home medical equipment industry. He has worked as a manufacturer's rep for the top medical equipment companies and a custom wheelchair specialist at a durable medical equipment (DME) provider in WV. He is father to 4 beautiful daughters and has three terrific grandkids. When not promoting better living for older adults, he enjoys outdoor activities including hiking and kayaking and early morning runs.

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