The Best Large Button Cordless Phones for Seniors

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

Seeing small print generally gets harder as we age. Products with bigger buttons and larger print are easier to use with older eyes. Here are the best large button cordless phones for seniors who have difficulty seeing their phone well.

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The home telephone isn’t dead yet. There’s still a lot to be said for having a landline home phone, especially in areas where phone signals can be unreliable.

Many modern cordless phones put presentation over function, however, and aren’t ideal for seniors who may have poor eyesight or difficulty making precise movements to push small buttons. Cordless phones for seniors are designed to be easy to use, with big buttons and easy access to important features such as caller-ID and quick dialing.

Here’s a quick overview of some of my favorite large button cordless phones for seniors.

Recommended Large Button Cordless Phones for Seniors

The following cordless phones have larger buttons than other cordless phones so they are easier to see and use. Many also feature senior-friendly features like loud ringers, volume amplifications, and memory functions.

Clarity Amplified Low Vision Cordless Phone (D703)
  • Belt clip for hands-free carrying
  • Caller ID
  • Large, backlit buttons
  • Loud ringtones
  • Audio boost feature
  • Audio boost needs to be manually activated on each call
  • Some users report finding it difficult to seat the phone in the charger
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09/18/2021 04:44 pm GMT

This cordless phone from Clarity is designed for people who are suffering from moderate visual impairment. It features large, backlit buttons and a caller ID display. The phone also has an audio boost feature and 10 loud ringtones, making it a potentially useful home phone for seniors with moderate hearing issues.

This phone is easy to use, and a good choice for seniors who have either visual impairment or hearing difficulties. However, if someone has issues with both hearing and sight they may find that certain accessibility features are difficult to use. For example, the button for audio boost is adjacent to the button for muting the phone. So it is easy to press the wrong button by accident.

It’s almost always near the top of the list when I make recommendations for the best cordless phones for seniors and the elderly.

VTech Amplified Cordless Senior Phone System (SN5127)

  • Large speed dial buttons
  • Visual ringer
  • Clear display
  • Large buttons
  • Some people dislike the VTech style, which makes the phone look like a toy
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09/18/2021 05:14 pm GMT

Vtech makes this cordless phone especially for hearing impaired seniors who also have vision problems. The phone features a loud visual ringer, bright display, and large buttons. There are four large speed dial buttons on the base unit, and the handset has an SOS button as well as an audio-assist button for increased clarity in calls.

This VTech system can be expanded with visual doorbell ringers for the elderly and personal SOS bands for added safety and security. You can connect up to 30 devices, in total, to one base station. This makes it a good choice for people with mobility issues who may want to have access to handsets / doorbell alerts in every room of the house.

This cordless phone is designed with ease of use and reliability at the forefront. Features such as the four-speed dial buttons help seniors to stay in touch with their friends and family, without them needing to learn to navigate confusing or long-winded menus to find phone numbers.

Panasonic Expandable Cordless Phone with Talking Caller ID 

  • Large display and buttons
  • Call block for up to 250 numbers
  • Talking caller ID
  • Jack built in for using phone headsets and noise reduction features
  • Batteries are easy to replace if needed
  • Sound can be slightly tinny
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This cordless phone has large buttons, noise reduction features, and talking caller ID which will announce the name of the caller in between rings. This makes the phone a good choice for those with hearing issues too. This cordless phone is quite smart and understated looking and wouldn’t be out of place in any home.

It looks like a large cordless phone, rather than a “senior phone” so those who wish to retain their independence would still feel happy using it. Panasonic have been making cordless phones for a long time, and are a trusted brand in the market. This cordless phone is lightweight but has durable buttons and is easy to use.

In addition to the features mentioned above, this cordless phone has some other useful high-tech features, such as the ability to link it to a compatible smartphone. There is also the option to connect the phone to key detectors so that the user can trigger the beep of the detector to help them locate their keys or other lost items. These features are slightly confusing to set up, but are easy to use once they are up and running.

Northwestern Bell Increased Clarity, Big Button Cordless Phone

  • Several distinctive ring tones
  • Clear display and big buttons
  • Rugged construction
  • Soft ear pad for comfortable use
  • Headphone jack
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09/18/2021 05:09 pm GMT

The Northwestern Bell big-button DECT cordless phone is a chunky and rugged cordless phone with large, clear buttons that are easy to see, and also easy to find by touch alone. The phone has a powerful battery and also interference-free operation for good call clarity. This is ideal for use by seniors who have eyesight difficulties.

There are braille markings on the keys of this handset, which makes it very useful for those with disabilities. The phones are easy to use and well made, and the large antenna ensures good reception even if you walk out of the room with the base station while on a call.

AT&T EL52213 2-Handset Expandable Cordless Phone with Extra Large Buttons

  • Large, clear buttons and display
  • Speakerphone works well
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used as an intercom
  • No headphone jack
  • The tone on button presses is short, so doesn't work for some automated menus
  • Limited choices for the number of rings before answerphone picks up
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09/18/2021 05:03 pm GMT

This cordless phone works as a speakerphone too, with simulated full duplex so that both participants on the call can speak, and hear, at once. The phone has a large, clear, black and white display and big backlit buttons that are easy to see and press. The buttons give good tactile feedback as well as an audible beep when pressed. The phone features a built-in, remotely accessible answerphone, the option to save 50 numbers, and caller ID.

This cordless phone is a good choice for seniors with poor eyesight. Some people with hearing difficulties report that even on the top volume it is too quiet for them. The phone allows you to set how many rings to allow before the answerphone kicks in, however, the options are limited, which leaves some people struggling to reach the phone in time.

AT&T CRL82312 3-Handset Expandable Cordless Phone with XL Display

  • Any key answer and a simple Do Not Disturb feature
  • Expand the phone system to up to 12 phones
  • Visual ringer
  • An extra-large display and backlit buttons
  • Some people report difficulty getting their phones to charge in base stations
  • The phone may lose connection to base unit if you leave the room and your house has thick walls
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09/18/2021 04:32 pm GMT

Another high-quality offering from AT&T, this cordless phone features an extra-large display, substantial, backlit buttons and a visual ringer. This phone system can be expanded to up to 12 handsets and has lots of useful ‘quality of life’ features, such as being able to go into Do Not Disturb mode for a short time with a single button press, and the ability to answer the phone by pressing any button. This easy to use cordless phone is a good choice for seniors and for large families too.

This is a great phone with conference calling features, a phone book and last number redial. It is popular with seniors with visual impairment and it is easy to understand why.

Summary and Final Comments

It happens to us all: small buttons with tiny print become impossible to read. It happened to me in my early 40’s.

These cordless phones with large buttons make home phones easier to see and therefore easier to use. No more struggling or squinting to see who you are calling. Or, who is calling you.

I tried to give you a range of options from simple cordless phones that are easier to see to phones that also help you hear better too. There are even a few full featured options on the list too! Hopefully, one of these will make your phone use much simpler!

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