Lemon Juice To Cover Gray Hair? [Nourish, Prevent and Treat Gray Hair]

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One of the powerhouses of DIY health and wellness is lemon juice. There are lots of claims that lemon juice helps with weight loss, digestive issues, kidney stones, skin health, and even… Yeah! You guessed right - hair!

lemon juice on gray hair
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You can’t avoid gray hair; it’s an unavoidable reality of life that will eventually happen (if you’re lucky to live long enough). Well, it’s not so bad but gray hair is a biological sign that we are aging, and that’s not always welcome.

But that’s not always the case. According to Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones, even women in their 20s and 30s get a few gray hairs. Although genetics has a big part to do with it, some women and men get gray hairs before their time because of stress, disease, and a couple of other factors.

Here’s how to use lemon juice to cover your gray hair, as well as its benefits, risks, and more!

The Nitty-Gritty

Lemon juice isn’t going to miraculously rid you of gray hair. But, there seems to be evidence it can slow down gray hair development especially when caused by hydrogen peroxide build up. It can also nourish and hydrate your hair as a natural conditioner – especially when combined with coconut oil.

The Fundamentals: Why Is Your Hair Turning Gray?

Melanin is the hormone that controls hair pigmentation. As such, it is responsible for the natural color of your hair. While you’re young, pigment stem cells called melanocytes inject color into the keratin-containing cells of your hair. As you age, however, melanocyte activity slows down.

Graying can occur when the activity of melanocytes decreases. Other factors that lead to graying include stress, UV ray exposure, toxic hair care products, thyroid issues, poor diet, genetic predisposition, and hormonal fluctuations.

Can Gray Hair Be Reversed Naturally?

Some individuals believe that to improve their gray hair, they must use professional products. However, the key to luscious locks could be found in your kitchen. Going the natural route is not only fashionable, but it is also good for your health.

Natural dyes may take longer to dye your hair, but their effects are less hazardous than chemical dyes. As mentioned, gray hair mostly happens because of aging. What people don’t know is that graying is also caused by the build-up of hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles.

When hydrogen peroxide builds up in your hair, it blocks the activity of melanocytes, causing hair discoloration. What does this mean? That if you can reduce the hydrogen peroxide exposure, you can increase melanocyte activity and reduce graying!

What can help with this? Lemon juice!

What Does Lemon Juice Cover Do to Gray Hair?

Lemon juice is high in phytonutrients, phosphorous, and vitamins B & C. All these are vital components for healthy strands. Phytonutrients particularly help to keep bacteria at bay. Lemon juice also contains other vitamins and nutrients that nourish the hair and prevent premature graying.

When lemon juice and coconut oil are combined, they create a powerful natural product that stimulates your hair, promoting healthy growth and maybe reversing gray hair. Although technically speaking lemon juice will not make your gray hair disappear, it can reduce hydrogen peroxide which can aid in increasing melanocyte activity.

Even better, it can still be your secret hair weapon for preventing grays in the first place! That is if you are just beginning to gray. As if that’s not enough, using lemon juice on gray hair reduces the yellowing that occurs due to environmental contaminants and pollutants.

As such, even if it will not return your hair to its original color, it will enhance its color, giving you a luscious mane!

Benefits of Using Lemon Juice To Cover Gray Hair

While lemon juice isn’t going to change your gray hairs back to their original color, there are several benefits to using lemon juice on your hair. Here are a few:

Stimulates Hair Growth

You can make a solution with coconut oil and lemon juice that is high in flavonoids, vitamin B complex, citric acid, and lauric acid. All of these nutrients are necessary for your natural hair to grow and stay healthy. The vitamins and minerals in the solution will cleanse the scalp of sebum which improves blood circulation. In so doing, this solution restores hair shafts and regenerates new follicles.

Vitamin C is also abundant in lemon juice. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects the hair from free radical-induced oxidative damage. Vitamin C is required by the body to produce collagen which is a protein that is required for the structure of human hair.

Hair Nourishment for Luscious Hair

Lemon juice is packed with vitamins and minerals. Top it up with some coconut oil and you have minerals and vitamins abound. Saturated fatty acids, vitamins K, E, B-12, E, flavonoids, and many others. These ingredients aid in the hydration, nourishment, and healing of hair shafts. Coconut oil also has moisture-retaining characteristics when untreated, leaving your hair moisturized.

Improves Gray Hair Quality

Lemon juice as seen before can also help to avoid premature graying and an oily scalp. Coconut oil and lemon juice for gray hair are often recommended as a natural combination that can help to reverse graying. This is because they help shed off contaminants and hydrogen peroxide build-up, improving melatonin activity.

Plus, a shortage of essential vitamins and minerals can lead to gray hair, and with lemon juice, you can supply your hair with the needed essentials. Another alternative is taking vitamins formulated for gray hair.

Provides Natural Moisturizers

If you don’t moisturize your hair, it will become gray. Lemon juice and coconut oil for gray hair, when mixed, add hydration to the hair. Depending on your living conditions and type of hair, you may be vulnerable to dehydration which makes hair incapable of retaining enough moisture to keep it supple, healthy, and even grow. As a result, combining the two solutions will lock in moisture in the air.

Are There Any Dangers of Lemon Juice To Cover Gray Hair?

To begin with, lemon is a citrus fruit that is high in citric acid. Because it peels the keratin layer, the level of this acid in the juice is undesirable. When this protein layer is removed from the hair surface, the strands become fragile and break, especially if strong lemon juice is utilized. If this happens, you can use a keratin treatment for gray hair to help build it back.

Lastly, because lemon juice contains citric acid, which is a natural bleach or oxidizing agent, it has been proven that lemon juice lightens or enhances hair color. As a result, it discolors hair by chemically lowering melanin levels in the hair.

When exposed to the sun, the bleaching process is increased even further. Lemon juice, when coupled with coconut oil, however, can be a natural cure for gray hair since it contains all of the elements and vitamins needed to keep hair healthy and prevent graying. To protect the natural growth and color of your hair, experts recommend using diluted lemon juice.

Bottom Line

Should you use lemon juice on gray hair? Yes, you should, as long as it’s done in moderate amounts!

Simply combine 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in a mixing bowl, then massage the solution into your scalp and hair. Allow 30 to 60 minutes for the therapy to take effect before washing it away! You’ll see a difference if you stick to the routine!

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