The 6 Best Meditation Apps For Seniors For Clearing Your Head


Meditation helps older adults reduce their stress and anxiety while also allowing them to cope with their emotions. And here, we share with you some of the best meditation apps for seniors that will help them track and enjoy the practice even more.

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Meditation Apps For Seniors

Is your elderly loved one thinking about meditating as part of their daily routine?

Have they been meditating but want to start tracking it? Is your senior loved one looking for a way to improve their meditation practice?

Well, here is what you need to know about meditation for seniors and the best apps to help them track it effortlessly. 

Are Meditation Apps Actually Effective?

Most people blame smartphones for increased stress and anxiety. However, meditation apps provide seniors with guided meditations, soothing audio, and breathing exercises meant to improve their mental well-being, especially in old age.

Meditation apps for seniors are effective in some of the following ways.

  • They reduce any external pressure allowing your elderly loved one to focus on meditating.
  • They improve focus and prevent wandering of your elderly loved one’s mind.
  • They improve symptoms of depression and anxiety for your elderly loved one.
  • They can boost positive emotions.
  • They can improve self-acceptance.

As such, using meditation apps for seniors can contribute positively to their mental health, allowing them to enjoy their old age in peace. This makes them an important health app for seniors and the elderly to have on their mobile devices.

Does Meditation Help With Aging?

Yes, meditation can slow down the aging process. To achieve this, you don’t necessarily have to meditate for long every day.

Additionally, other techniques such as yoga and mindfulness, together with meditation, can help slow down aging. People who have been practicing meditation in Eastern cultures have believed for many centuries that it keeps you younger.

First, meditation reduces stress, thereby reducing the aging process effectively. If you have someone in your life who has gone through a traumatic event, you will notice that they look older.

When you are stressed, you will engage the fight or flight mode. Here, your body prepares you to handle the stress stimuli in front of you. 

Therefore, many people practice meditation as a way to reduce stress in their bodies. Without any stress, you are bound to look younger every day. For seniors, meditation is a great way to keep looking younger even in their old age.

meditation apps for seniors work
The most suitable type of meditation for you will guarantee the best benefits.

Do Meditation Apps Work?

Yes, meditation apps work. Actually, after using any meditation app for about 2 weeks, you should expect to feel less stressed. However, you need to know how to pick the best meditation. This is the only way you can guarantee the best benefits.

Here are tips to help you choose a good meditation app.

1. Free Guided Programs 

The best meditation app should have the basic techniques of meditation offered through free and guided programs. Here, you can learn how to focus on your breath and your body during meditation. Beware of those apps that don’t have an introductory program.

2. Alerts 

Most people give up on meditation because they forget to do it. Well, the best meditation app allows you to set reminders to meditate every day. Whether the app is sharing inspiration tips or any other type of alert, you will always remember to meditate. 

3. Adding Meditation To Your Daily Life

Once you have completed the introduction, you should look for meditation apps that add meditation to your daily life. For instance, you can meditate as you take your daily walk, when eating or when you are alone. It’s the best way to make sure you are still meditating even when doing other tasks.

4. Tracking Your Progress 

The best meditation apps allow you to track your progress. You should have an idea of your average meditation time, your longest streak, and the overall time you have spent meditation.

Even better, you need to be able to rate your concentration, mindfulness, and balance. Some apps also allow you to check-in with your feelings at the end of the meditation exercise.

Free Meditation Apps For Older Adults 

If you are looking for the best meditation apps for seniors, here is a list to help you get started.

1. Headspace

It’s a great meditation app with various types of meditations for beginners and pros. It offers structured courses that make you feel like you are in an in-person class.

You can use the sessions to calm down in the short term. Additionally, you can also use it in the long term if you want to meditate at specific periods of the day.

Actually, you can use the SOS meditation feature to meditate when you have meltdown moments. Headspace comes with a very user-friendly interface, allowing anyone, even senior loved ones, to use it.

The guidance on the app is beneficial to a lot of beginners. You can learn the basics of meditation and how to avoid distractions.

The elderly will also love the excellent and colorful visuals as well as the simple instructions allowing you to meditate. Note that the soothing instructions are voiced by Andy Puddicombe, Headspace founder. It’s the best app for anyone who is starting out in meditation. 

2. Calm

If you are not a beginner at meditation, this is the best app for you. Here, you can enjoy the open-ended sessions that offer little guidance. It’s the best meditation app for seniors who are looking for some ambient music to calm down or sleep guidance.

Note that, as we grow older, we are likely going to suffer from insomnia or poor concentration.

The app offers breathing exercises and visualization. Even better, you will enjoy the guided sleeping stories. The Calm meditation app comes with a timer and a huge catalog of sounds, music, and noises to choose from. These will lull you to sleep and soothe you when doing chores or just playing ambient music.

3. Waking Up 

Here, you can enjoy a more secular approach to meditation. This meditation app is available in a sleek design that is easy for anyone to navigate. Other features include daily exercise, time, and inspirational images.

The Waking Up app comes with guidance for any meditation session. It’s a great meditation app for seniors because it allows self-discovery in the sessions and lessons.

Through this meditation app, your senior loved ones can find themselves and improve their overall self-confidence. It’s also a great meditation app that helps with anxiety and self-help. Your senior loved one can use the meditation sessions to keep calm throughout the day.

You can begin meditation with this app when you buy it. First, you can try out the practice session where you can enjoy simple meditation sessions. Here, you will find the introduction sessions that will ease you into meditation effortlessly.

Next, there is a theory section that offers an in-depth explanation of everything in practice. 

meditation apps for seniors Ten Percent Happier
Make meditation a light-hearted experience with the Ten Percent Happier app.

4. Ten Percent Happier 

Here, you will find amazing meditation practices and information, such as an audio library and instruction videos. It offers a humorous meditation tone. Therefore, if your senior loved one is looking for a light-hearted meditation experience, this is the best app for it.

According to the founders, meditation doesn’t need to be in soft or traditional tones. Ten Percent Happier is able to learn from your patterns and identify the best time for you to meditate and where to do it. It offers the best meditation experience from the top experts in the niche.

5. Insight Timer

This meditation app offers the most practical approach when it comes to meditation sessions for seniors. Here, you can access more than 7000 meditations, free and guided. They are voiced by thousands of meditation teachers globally. The sessions are available in 5-minute slots.

If your senior loved one enjoys quiet meditation, there is a feature with a timer where they can meditate with ambient noise or intermittent bells. Even better, you should have an idea of how many people are using the app to meditate at the same time as you.

Insight Timer is perfect for group meditation sessions. Also, you can invite your friends and family to join for a wholesome experience.

6. Sanvello

Besides being a meditative app, it is a great tool for managing stress and anxiety. Your senior loved one will enjoy Sanvello because it offers cognitive therapy.

As such, they can cope with any behavioral issues that may affect their mental health (see my recommended mental health apps for seniors here). It’s easier for your loved ones to cope with their feelings and emotions when using the app.

Even better, the app comes with an option for tracking goals, mood, thoughts, and overall health. There is also an option of journaling. Your elderly loved ones can enjoy the various lessons and activities available to guide them in their meditation practices. 

Final Thoughts

Meditation for seniors is very beneficial in many ways. It can reduce stress and anxiety. It’s also a great way to cope with their emotions. Meditation also allows seniors to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. As such, it’s important to find the best meditation app for seniors to help them enjoy the practice.

Note that choosing the right app for meditation for seniors doesn’t need to be overwhelming. For instance, you need to focus on an app with the easiest user interface. That way, your senior loved one can use it without any hassle.

Even better, choosing a meditation app that offers the option of group meditation comes in handy for seniors in a group home.


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