46+ Perfectly Practical Gifts For Seniors They Will Actually Use

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

Some examples of practical gifts for seniors include easy to read clocks and watches, key finders, cleaning services, and subscriptions. Share the gift of your time too. Here are our top recommendations.

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Giving gifts to the elderly sometimes requires a lot of thought. You want to give a gift that they appreciate and that is thoughtful as well as practical.

Giving a gift that is only going to sit on a shelf and add to the clutter that they have accumulated throughout their lives may not be appreciated.

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Recommended Practical Gifts for Seniors

General Gifting Advice for Buying Practical Gifts

Below are 5 practical gifts for seniors that they are guaranteed to want and use:

1. The Time

Seniors tend to find keeping track of the time and days more challenging as time goes by. An easy to read clock that shows both the time and day and that can be programmed with important dates is an ideal gift. Alarms for when medication should be taken or reminders of other important daily, weekly and monthly tasks is also helpful.

Make sure that the clock is easy to use and that the displays are easy to read without glasses. You can choose between a digital wall-clock, beside alarm or even a large faced digital watch.

2. Key Holder And Locator

We all misplace our keys from time to time and seniors find keeping track of their keys even more challenging. A key holder for them to hang their keys immediately when they walk through the door will mean they always know where they keys should be. Remember to take the time to hang or install the key holder. A key locater that is voice activated is also a good idea and will beep or sound an alarm so that keys can be located easily no matter where they are.

3. Cleaning Service

Another task that seniors often struggle with is basic household chores. Hiring a handyman or cleaning service to give their home a good spring clean, from top to bottom, is an extremely helpful gift. You can even go as far as scheduling regular cleaning on a weekly or daily basis so that you can rest assured that your elderly loved one is living in a safe, clean and hygienic environment. Choose a cleaning service that has experience with dealing with the elderly.

Some seniors may not like strangers in their homes touching their belongings so take this into account. If this is the case, rope in other family members and do the cleaning yourselves. This is a gift that you can give for free.

4. A Journal

Every person has a tale to tell but may never had the time or the initiative to write down their story. A journal is a great way for an elderly person to communicate their life experiences to their children, grandchildren and future generations. It can also be used simply to keep track of daily thoughts and feelings.

This is a low cost gift that can inspire creativity.

5. Subscriptions

A subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. If there is a particular magazine or newspaper that a senior enjoys, a weekly or monthly subscription will give them access to good reading material regularly. Alternatively, choose a subscription to a magazine that is relevant to a hobby or other interest that the senior may have.

Don’t limit yourself to magazine subscriptions. Wine clubs, cooking clubs and other organizations offer subscriptions to provide a whole range of products and activities that may be suitable for seniors.

Wrapping Up

Just a little extra time and research can help you find the perfect practical gift for an elderly loved one that they may not necessarily need but can really use.

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