3 Psychological Reasons Why You Can’t Relocate 

Learn the reasons your brain may be holding you back when it comes to relocating as an older adult in this article sponsored by Bellevue Assisted Living.

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You have finally made up your mind. You decided firmly that you want to relocate after you turned 55 or above. However, something from within tells you that you can’t do it. Something strong is holding you back, and it is not about your age.

You try not to put your mind to it, but as a result, that inner voice becomes more adamant and dominant. You can call it a psychological blocker, but some factors are backing it up.

Read this article to learn about those blockers and how to work on them. 

Emotional Attachment

This kind of attachment is a two-sided sword; on the one hand, you can use it to your advantage and receive unconditional support and trust. On the other hand, being so close to your loved ones makes it scary to leave them. You think about their emotions, your feelings, and about that bond you believe you will break. 

If you dive deeper into your inner world, you will see that you are afraid that you will not be helpful, you will not be remembered and loved anymore. You fear that distance can damage your connections and relations.

In reality, it would transform your relationships into a more vigorous and much deeper bond. You would discover that you have and you can give love and enjoyment first yourself. When you find that psychological spring of support, you can share it with others and receive it back manifold. 

Unstoppable Comfort Zone 

You have heard the phrase “comfort zone.” This is it in its purest form. You know your family or relatives or whoever you live with. Even if you live alone or with a pet, you have already got accustomed to that setting and that walk of life. Your brain knows how to live and survive in that environment. It doesn’t want to panic and relearn the basics of residing somewhere else. 

Every time you want to escape that zone, your brain does everything to hold you back. You fear that decision, you doubt yourself, you are suspicious of your abilities and skills.

Know that it is just a self-protection mechanism that your brain activates. It thinks that a significant change will lead to your death or severe harm. Agree with your brain that nothing is hazardous and scary and offer to try that experience and play that game. 

Absence of Supportive Environment

There may be cases when you want to relocate, but you need some support. It can be physical help, i.e., taking your things from point A to point B or keeping your packed items while you are searching.

However, as a human being, you would also like some psychological support. When people around you help you no matter what they think, don’t try to teach you anything or change your mind. 

In this case, you may feel alone in front of your relocation endeavor, but that should not stop you. Don’t give up. Many people are like you, and joining like-minded folks would help you take your steps more smoothly.

For instance, people considering joining assisted living facilities for seniors would be a wonderful support group to partake in. Remember that human beings are social beings, and you have the power to recreate your network every time you need it. So know your strength, take your wisdom and make the first step to your new life. 

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