A Comprehensive Guide Into Ride Share Apps For Seniors


In recent times, rideshare apps are proven to be a safe and convenient tool for getting to a chosen destination, which significantly benefits older adults. And in this article, we present you with a helpful and comprehensive guide into ride share apps for seniors.

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Ride Share Apps For Seniors

Regardless of your age group, traveling and moving around town with your car be a hassle. And this can prove to be particularly daunting for senior folk.

As an older adult, if you are thinking about relinquishing your car keys because of health and safety-related issues, you deserve commendation.

Or, if you’re still capable of driving but would prefer not to have to deal with parking, maneuver through traffic, maintain the car, or pay the insurance cover, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be dependent on public transportation, family, or friends for rides.

Nor does it mean you remain isolated in your house not to be a bother.

Recently, productivity apps for seniors like the following rideshare apps have proven to be a safe and convenient tool for seniors to get to their destinations. Various ridesharing options for seniors are available countrywide, with others catering specifically to seniors.

This read aims to provide you with the best rideshare apps for seniors that are easy to use, helpful, challenging, and fun.

What Seniors Need to Know About Ride Sharing

As we continually age, a decline in mobility, hearing, and eyesight can eventually result in having difficulty driving and, for others, losing the capability to drive entirely. For elders, safe and dependable transportation is integral if you are to remain healthy and independent.

Seniors generally require ides to visit the doctor’s office, run errands, and see friends and family. To aid with this, a plethora of new companies have cropped up delivering ridesharing services that are more convenient and easier to find for seniors.

But choosing to take up rideshare services doesn’t necessarily translate to losing your autonomy. As a matter of fact, arranging for a rideshare service rather than using a personal vehicle and the costs that come with maintaining one might prove to be more suitable with age.

There are various ride-share apps for seniors to choose from, and you can utilize them for trips to the hospital, volunteer commitments, and social outings – essentially any place you wish to go!

QuoteWizard says the rideshare service is rapidly becoming low-cost compared to owning a vehicle. It projects that using a rideshare service exclusively will be inexpensive compared to owning a vehicle by 2027.

Even though having your own vehicle is still cost-effective currently, annual rideshare expenditures are keeping up. With competitive rates, expansive availability, user-friendly apps, and senior-oriented versions, ridesharing companies enable you to remain independent and mobile.

Ridesharing Apps and Services for Seniors


In 2015, Uber began a pilot plan in Gainesville, Florida, to offer transport services to seniors of two living communities. The company provided tech tutorials to assist elders in getting conversant with the app when requesting a trip. By 2016, the program had expanded to all elderly folk in Gainesville.

A ride on Uber will cost you about $0.90 to $2.35 for every mile, depending on how busy the ride-hailing service is and the time of day. If the friends or family you’re planning to visit are within a 15-20 miles radius of your household or your location, you can expect the fare to be relatively cheap.


As with Uber, ride-hailing service Lyft is taking measures to enhance its outreach to elders and access for persons with disabilities.

Lyft announced a slew of options for problems elderly folk experience using its platform, teaming up with partners like Lively Rides Service to request Lyft rides through the phone and make it easier for caregivers and senior loved ones to send for rides in their stead.

Lyft service has also made an initiative like Uber to make their rides more accessible to seniors and persons with disabilities. Lyft costs about the same as Uber at $0.90 to $3.50 for every mile.


GoGoGrandparent enables you to phone a single number to book a Lyft or Uber, which eliminates the need to register for a Lyft or Uber account or use their applications.

It basically allows you to call in and request a ride for seniors who don’t know how to use or don’t have a smartphone. For the most part, the service is automated, but you can speak to an operator if you want.

You can also input custom destinations to your tailored touch-tone menu, book recurrent rides, add future travel dates, and have message updates sent to friends and family with your location included and the driver’s name.

You can also request a Lyft or Uber driver to deliver meals to your house. Membership begins at $9.99/month.

ride share apps for seniors better
Uber has a range of accessible features that are more expansive compared to Lyft.

Which is Better for Seniors? Uber or Lyft?

Uber is considered better due to its expansive market share and brand recognition. Uber is available in 63 countries and is a giant compared to Lyft, which can only be found in Canada and the U.S.

If your senior loved one has a condition that affects travel, and both ride-share providers are available in your location, you should consider Uber. It has a range of accessible features that are more expansive compared to Lyft.

Another way to compare which app is better is by using a third-party app to make comparisons of the costs. In a nutshell, when it comes to features, availability, and reward programs for seniors, Uber has an advantage over Lyft.

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Can You Use a Ridesharing Service Without a Smartphone?

Yes, you can! You can still benefit from a ridesharing service without a smartphone. GoGoGrandparent enables seniors to send for an Uber or Lyft ride using any landline or cell phone.

Here’s how to use the GoGoGrandparent rideshare app:

Setting Up Your GoGoGrandparent Account

  • Step 1: To enroll in GoGoGrandparent, begin by going to their website and apply online. We will be describing how to join the platform below. Also, if you prefer registering through the phone, call 1-855-464-6872.
  • Step 2: Hit the “Login/Sign Up” button and then tap “Sign Up.” 
  • Step 3: Put in the needed information. After finishing, tap on the “Proceed to Step 2” button at the bottom of the webpage.
  • Step 4: Input the contact info of a family member. This individual will get updates through text message when a senior uses GoGoGrandparent, so it needs to be a reliable family member or friend. Then tap “Proceed to Step 3”.
  • Step 5: The last step is inputting your billing info. Upon filling that in, tap “Activate GoGo and Permit Us To Call You Rides”.

Calling a Ride Using GoGoGrandparent 

  • Step 1: After registering, sending for a ride using GoGoGrandparent is pretty much straightforward. All you need to do is use your cellphone or landline to phone 1-855-464-6872. You will only need to click a couple of phone keys to book a ride. 
  • Step 2: Upon arriving at your place, tell the driver your destination. The GoGoGrandparent platform will book an Uber or Lyft ride on your behalf and will charge you later on. You need not concern yourself with paying upfront for Uber or Lyft.

Lively Rides Service for Seniors by Lyft

Lively has partnered with the Lyft rideshare app to deliver reliable and safe rides. The Lively Rides Service aims to offer seniors rides that are cheaper and more convenient compared to a taxi, so they no longer have to depend on family and friends.

Whether you want to visit friends, the store, or go to the hospital, just reach out to a Lively Personal Operator, and you’ll be transported where you wish to go.

Lively has surely simplified the ridesharing experience for elderly folk. Procuring a ride for tech-illiterate clients is simple, and here’s how:

  1. Click “0” on a Lively cellphone, and you’ll be asked where you want to go by an operator. From there, you’ll get the cost and an approximate time of arrival.
  2. Tell the operator whether you’ll require help getting in or out of the car.
  3. Upon confirmation of your Lyft ride, a driver will be dispatched to your place, and you’ll be alerted when they get there.
  4. You don’t need to pay the driver. The charge will automatically be included in your Lively monthly bill.
  5. To return home, just click “0” on your Lively cellphone again, and a vehicle will be sent to where you are by an operator. 

You can find Lively Rides, where the Lyft service functions. Also, all the drivers are subjected to a rigorous background check and have been insured, so you can rest easy using the Lively Rides Service.

ride share apps for seniors free rides
There are a number of commercial rideshare services similar to Uber and Lyft that offer reduced fares or free rides for the elderly.

Does Uber or Lyft Give Free Rides to Seniors?

Several commercial rideshare services like Uber and Lyft provide reduced-fare or free rides for elderly citizens.

Free Lyft Rides For Seniors

The countrywide rideshare service provider has partnered with several providers to deliver both low-cost and complimentary rides to elderly folk.

Elders who are getting in-home care from facilities teamed up with Care At Home are qualified to get no-cost and low-priced Lyft rides. 

AARP Uber Discount

Although AARP doesn’t presently classify Uber to be among the hundreds of discounts presently made available to its members, Uber rideshare service delivers Ride Pass to assist elderly folk plan out their day and account for the funds they’ve got for Uber transportation.

What’s more, Uber provides Uber Rewards to assist elderly folk and others riders accrue points. 

Here’s how the Uber point system functions:

  • 1 point for each dollar amount spent on UberEats and UberPool
  • 2 points for each dollar amount spent on WAV, Select, UberXL, and UberX
  • 3 points for each dollar amount spent on Uber Lux, Black SUV, and UberBlack

Upon accruing points, you stand to get:

  • Uber credit worth $5 for each 500 points
  • $5 for every 500 points accrued afterward
  • NO limitation on points accrued

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Are Rideshare Apps Safe for Older Adults?

This is an essential question that every senior and caregiver should ask and get the answer to. Given how rideshare services need you to enter your credit card number, it can be daunting; we comprehend why you may be worried.

The rideshare service providers we have mentioned adhere to standard security protocols, so inputting your credit card info on their platforms is as secure as inputting it on other top online vendors. 

Rideshare service providers also mandate their drivers to provide authenticating documents like a valid driver’s license, insurance, and proof of residency. They also conduct a thorough background check to review driving and criminal history before onboarding any driver.

In a nutshell, you can rest easy knowing that the rideshare driver is fully vetted and will take great care of older adults.

What is the Cheapest Rideshare App?

Pinpointing which ride-share app costs less than the other is contingent on the kind of service and distance you are taking. As per average ride charges, Uber comes out as the cheaper option, with the standard trip summing up to $20 compared to the average Lyft trip, which costs $27.

Summary and Final Recommendations

The transport industry is hastily changing thanks to the advent of ridesharing companies and apps, which have massively improved everyday transportation. And not least due to the explosion of ride-share services like Lyft and Uber.

Within a short period, these accessible services have become integral for seniors to get around. 

You may be under the impression that these types of ride-hailing services have been a godsend for the elderly who cannot drive for whatsoever reason.

Still, most seniors are either tech-illiterate or don’t possess a smartphone. Others may be suffering from a condition that sees them need vehicles that are handicap accessible or have features that aid them in getting off and on the car.

Industry giants, Lyft and Uber, have taken all of these into consideration and have included the necessary features in their platforms to support seniors.

And if you’re a caregiver or senior and are not in a position to drive yourself or simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of traffic and parking, you have alternatives.

Regardless if you need a ride to visit family, the doctor, or are vacationing, using the aforementioned ride-share apps will keep you independent and mobile no matter your destination.


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