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Cycling is great exercise and great fun too. Learn more about safe bikes for seniors that are easier – and safer – to get on and off. Adult trikes, recumbents, cruiser bikes, step-through bikes, and even electric bikes are among the many options for older adults who want to stay active.

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Cycling is great exercise and great fun too. Learn more about safe bikes for seniors that are easier – and safer – to get on and off. Adult trikes, recumbents, cruiser bikes, step-through bikes, and even electric bikes are among the many options for older adults who want to stay active.

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Many people in this world love riding bikes, and for various reasons. It’s pretty straightforward to learn how to ride one, it’s not complicated to use, it’s an affordable mode of transportation, and people take it as a form of recreation, sports, and exercise for seniors. Riding a bike can even provide entertainment!

As people get older, they’ll slowly lose their physical abilities and strengths. Older people, particularly those above 60, have a higher chance of being affected by obesity, mobility, back, knee, and other issues. Therefore, a lot of them develop an interest in riding bicycles for both exercise and transport.

Although there are many elderly-friendly and inexpensive alternatives in motorbikes and cars, most senior citizens still enjoy cycling. Cycling is generally one of the ideal exercises for aging bodies. It helps you in working your cardiovascular system and, ultimately, keep your heart healthy. Since cycling is a form of low-impact sport, it alleviates strain on the joints. According to many studies, biking can reduce the aging process in several ways.

Types of Bikes that are Safer for Seniors

Although some seniors will prefer mountain bikes or performance-oriented road bikes, many of us need a bicycle that is easy, comfortable, and safe to use. Below are some popular types you should consider:

Adult Trikes

By adding a third wheel to any bicycle, it becomes possible for nearly anyone to ride it – including those who didn’t learn how to ride a regular bike. This bike style has been around for over a century. Adult trikes (doesn’t that sound better than tricycle?) are generally favored for running short errands. Because these three wheel bikes for seniors are heavy and comprise a third wheel, many models are relatively slower than standard bikes and not suitable for riding up hills.

Many manufacturers have recently introduced innovative trike designs, and some are faster, more lightweight, sleeker while maintaining the ease of use of conventional adult trikes. For those who want a trike, try a few models to find the right one.

Recumbent Bikes

Even though recumbent bikes are quite similar to adult trikes, they have three wheels; this is where the similarity ends. Typically, recumbents have a sleek design, and have a riding position lower to the ground – they can cruise at similar speeds to standard bikes. Both recumbents and adult trikes contain comfortable seats with excellent hip and back support. Some recumbents are much easier to transport to trails since they can fold.

The difficulty with recumbent bikes for seniors could be getting on and off of them. Because they are lower to the ground, the rider needs to be able to squat and lower themself safely. They also need the balance and leg strength to get back to a standing position from the low seat.

Cruiser Bikes/ Comfort Bikes

They put riders in an upright position, not bent over their handlebars. They consist of wider, cushioned seats that are much easier on aging bodies (and bottoms!). They also feature wider tires that improve balance, control, and ride. Typically, these bikes will comprise hand brakes and a selection of gears; this makes riding up hills easier and much more comfortable.

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City Bikes

They’re uniquely designed for people in urban areas who commute to work by bike. They share many features with cruiser bikes.

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes, or E-bikes as the kids call them, include a battery and an electric motor and comprise either a throttle operation or “pedal-assist” or both. For pedal assistance, the rider will need to still pedal, though the electric motor offers a boost that makes pedaling much more relaxed, even going uphill. In general, e-bikes can take any of the mentioned configurations, but the most popular types for seniors being recumbent and cruiser e-bikes.

Step-through bikes

This is mostly a design feature and many of these bikes are also cruiser bikes. Although traditional bikes come with a high frame bar that requires the rider to swing the leg over to mount, these bikes make it easier to get on and off the bike. Because of lower-back or hip problems, step-through bikes are preferred by most seniors, men and women.

three wheel bike for seniors

Safe Bikes for Seniors: Specific Models to Explore

Some of the best bicycles recommended for senior citizens have been tested according to the above criteria.

evryjourney tricycle

EVRYjourney Step-Through Tricycle by sixthreezero

You or a senior you love can eliminate all balance concerns and maneuver the EVRYjourney adult tricycle even if he or she has never ridden a bicycle in his/her entire life. That’s how simple it’s to ride this high-quality bicycle from Sixthreezero. No fear of tripping and falling when mounting or dismounting the bike. The step-through frame makes it easier to get on and off the tricycle without any fear.

The tricycle is equipped with 1.95″ tires to absorb all the bumps while riding on rough terrains so that your parent’s or grandparent’s body doesn’t feel them. The ergonomic riding position helps protect all major joints of the body such as the shoulders, wrists, and knees. All joints are in a relaxed and tension-free position while your senior rides the tricycle. That’s why it makes the top of my list.

The large rear basket has space for everything your senior needs to carry on the journey. It can easily accommodate groceries, food items, clothes, and even your loving pet as long as you place a blanket for her comfort. The revolutionary riding position lets your senior sit upright and reduce muscle and joint pain during the ride.

The 7-speed gear system is ideal for a cruise, leisure, and normal commute. The ground clearance is lower allowing the rider to be close to the ground while getting proper leg extension. The synthetic leather grips of the tricycle are easy to hold and soft to touch.

Assembling the trike is easy with support from the manual and online support through the website of Sixthreezero. The gears shift easily, brakes work well, and easy to adjust the seat and handlebars. The frame is solid and durable compared to competing products.

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sixthree zero cruiser bikes for seniors

Sixthreezero Cruiser Bikes

This sixthreezero Cruiser bike is primarily built for that stylish, and super comfy smooth-riding – it’s highly recommended for older people’s city adventures and casual rides. Since it has four gearing options and friction shifters, it allows your loved one the push to move the way they want on all terrain.

Furthermore, it has an upright riding style and a 17-inch durable steel frame, which keeps your back and shoulder comfortable, regardless of the distance you’re riding. Generally, this is a vital requirement for seniors. Due to the casual and comfortable nature of this bike, it’s ideal for women and seniors who love leisure riding or beginners.


Sixthreezero Easy Boarding Bicycles

In general, the sixthreezero bike is among the comfy bikes that you can get in the market today. It’s typically built with a cruiser configuration to allow easy pedaling and comprises slick tires that are designed to offer maximum comfort to the cyclist.

The bike style is perfect for people who have back issues since they can sit upright and won’t need to hunch your back over to ride that bicycle. Such people will find this bike tailored to their requirements in terms of comfort and cost.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women

The bicycle comes with a special suspension fork, which is uniquely designed to cushion the gears and allow the rider to control its speed. Its brakes enable smooth and efficient braking, which makes it perfect as an urban commute. Additionally, the bike features swept up handlebars – they allow for a better grip, particularly for heavy and tall people.

Since it’s a hybrid bike, it’s suited for both sexes and individuals of different heights. It’s also a robust and sturdy bike that enables it to carry much weight; this makes it very useful for shopping errands.

Raleigh Bikes Detour 1 LG/19

If you’re a cyclist who rides for comfort and relaxation, you will undoubtedly love Raleigh bike. It’s well-equipped with gears that are great for dealing with gentle slopes. What’s more, it comes with a vibratory front suspension that lowers shock and vibration on bumpy terrains.

Primarily, its frame is designed to help the bicycle absorb bumps and get the stress off the main joints. That means that the cyclist will have less pain after the ride. The bicycle’s smooth cruiser configuration allows easy and smooth pedaling.


Retrospec Venus Dutch Step-Thru City Comfort Hybrid Bike

This comfort hybrid bike is generally versatile and can handle all types of roads. It is highly reliable for long rides. It’s easy to assemble even for a person who has no experience.

It has both rear and front caliper breaks, which makes it one of the bikes with the excellent braking systems on this particular list. This particularly makes it handy for an urban dweller commuting to his/her work or simply doing exercise.

Tips for Safer Cycling Into Your Senior Years

Cycling improves your heart rate and reduces wear and tear on your body. We still have several tips for protecting your joints and ensuring to stay safe when cycling.

  • Safeguard your knees. When you’re pedaling, the form is essential. By keeping your knees stable, you can have more power in your particular pedal stroke and safeguard them from aching after your ride. You can also improve your knee mobility by keeping your seat farther back.
  • Keep your bike in great shape. Ensure that your bike is in top condition whenever you ride. By having it tested and maintained by an expert, you can avoid accidents from equipment malfunction. You could also have a professional assess the bicycle’s fit. A bike that isn’t the appropriate size for you might pose a safety problem and cause pains and aches. A wider saddle will also support you to stay more comfortable.
  • Ride it with friends. While exercise is one way to help in averting age-related cognitive decline, socialization is another. If you can’t convince your buddies to ride with you, then join a bike club. You will meet new people and get more motivation to get out there.
  • Stay cautious. Each cyclist should adhere to the rules of the road and ensure to look out for obstacles and drivers. However, in case your vision has worsened with age, you may need to take extra precautions. You could visit your eye doctor often, and use contacts or glasses if you want to enhance your vision.
  • Take rest seriously. Undoubtedly, your body will perform better if you get enough rest. That means that you must be ensuring to get enough high-quality sleep. Exhaustion can negatively affect your mental and physical performance, which increases the chances of getting involved in an accident or suffering an injury.


All the bicycles covered in this post are what we classify as the safe bikes for seniors nowadays. They have had the most mentions and reviews this year. All the reviews provided are based on what our testers have said concerning the bikes – depending on their requirements. You may have a different experience from your bike.

To improve your chances of a safe ride, read my bicycle safety tips for seniors too!

Ensure that you seek professional assistance for any safety features you need to install to have a safer ride. It is also worth noting that your bicycle still requires frequent maintenance, irrespective of how highly recommended they are.

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