The Best Safety Apps For Seniors Who Enjoy Walking Alone

For the older adults still pursuing an active lifestyle, assurance of their safety and whereabouts will bring peace of mind to their family members. These apps for seniors who enjoy walking alone will help you or your loved one feel more secure.

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Safety Apps For Walking Alone
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Product recommendations are based on my personal experience working with seniors. I may earn a commission on items purchased from affiliate links in this guide. 

Today there are many exciting and useful apps for seniors who walk and live alone to ensure someone will be alerted immediately should something happen to them.

For independent seniors that still live on their own and for their caregivers, check-ins often relieve a lot of pressure and tension.

They also provide peace of mind to the family members of seniors who are still pursuing an active lifestyle.

Personal Safety Apps For Seniors Who Walk Alone

Safety apps can help seniors feel more secure as they live their lives independently. They are especially helpful for seniors who walk for exercise and do it alone are

Patronus – Personal Safety

Formerly known as BlueLight, this is an app that connects a senior with emergency services, family, or friends in seconds.

Patronus uses the internet connection on the phone to allow the user to “Panic” and alert family and friends via an immediate notification when the user is in trouble.

Each of the features in the app takes different crisis scenarios into account, which provides uninterrupted security.

Key Features:

  • Availability Of Options. The Panic button can be triggered by pushing the button in this app, by either accessing the button from a notification bar or instantly and automatically through any of the other features present in the application.
  • Location Monitoring. Panic notifications that are sent to the emergency contacts will include the last-known location of the user.
  • Fake And True Passcode. The True Passcode disables security, while the Fake Passcode makes it appear that the app has disabled security while still sending a Panic alert. The Fake Passcode is useful when the user is forced into entering a passcode.
  • Commute Detect. Patronus automatically switches on security when it detects that the user of the phone is in a car or any other type of vehicle.
  • Security Countdown. The user can set periodic check-ins when the security mode is active. If the user fails to respond to the check-ins, the Panic trigger will be activated.
  • In Case Of Emergency. Patronus displays the user’s information, such as their emergency contact details and their name as a lock screen publicly viewable notification.
  • Emergency Call. Emergency calls can be made to local authorities directly through the app once the emergency contacts or user has gone into “Panic Mode.”

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Patronus is available for download on the Google Play Store.

safety apps for walking alone Kitestring
The Kitestring app checks up on its user while they are outside.


Kitestring is another useful app for seniors who walk on their own. It checks up on the person while they are out, followed by alerts to emergency contacts if they don’t respond.

Key Features:

  • Check-In Via SMS. Kitestring is designed to check up on the user using a basic text message. The user is then required to reply to this message to “check in.”
  • Stay Connected. If the user fails to check in, Kitestring will send personalized alert messages to the list of pre-set emergency contacts.


bSafe is another personal safety app that includes a range of features to help users feel safe either in their homes or when they are out on a walk.

Key Features:

  • SOS Button. The SOS button can be activated by voice or touch. The emergency contacts will receive a “sound alarm” with the location of the user that allows them to hear and see what is going on in real-time.
  • Voice Activation. The SOS button can be activated by voice, even if the phone is in a jacket, purse, or pocket.
  • Follow Me. This feature allows the user of the app to invite guardians (the list of friends or family members chosen when setting up the app) to walk with the user via live GPS tracking. Once the guardian has accepted the invitation and they have joined the “journey,” bSafe notifies the user immediately.
  • I’m Here. This feature allows the user to check in and then share their location with anyone they have selected. This is a nice feature for seniors that are going out for a walk since it sends an exact location of where they are going and when they are coming home.

Other Walking Apps For Seniors


Walking is an easy yet effective way to exercise. It is also one of the lower-intensity exercises which are better suited for seniors. The MapMyWalk app is a great way to encourage seniors to walk more often.

This app offers an interactive method to track daily walks along with other types of physical activity. There are also routes in this app when the user wants to change up their routine.

MapMyWalk tracks the user’s goals and analyzes their performance. It also offers useful tips to help make each excursion as productive as possible.

MapMyWalk is available for download for free on Android and Apple devices.

There is also the option to choose a paid membership with costs ranging from $5.99 to $29.99. The paid-for version offers added perks such as progress tracking, guided audio coaches, and fitness plans.

99 Walks

99 Walks is an exciting virtual-walking challenge that is great to encourage seniors to get moving so that they can lead healthier and happier lifestyles.

This app also offers the opportunity to earn an inspirational bracelet each month that the user achieves their walking goal.

Whether the user is walking outdoors, indoors, pushing a stroller, or holding a walker, the expert coaches are there to guide the users through meditations and classes to keep them moving, while a supportive community is there for assistance for each step that they take.

safety apps for walking alone tips
It is a priority for independent seniors to stay safe while they enjoy their time walking alone.

Important Safety Tips For Seniors Who Walk Alone

Independent seniors that enjoy spending time walking alone need to make sure they keep safe and that they are walking correctly.

This means preparing for each walk to make sure they are enjoying the health benefits and avoiding the risks relating to injuries or even a fall.

For seniors, safety should be their first concern while walking. Here are a few handy tips that seniors should be using, especially when walking alone:

  • Choose flat routes that are familiar and without obstacles.
  • Avoid rushing as this can increase the risks of a fall.
  • Carry a smartphone with a safety app in case of an emergency.
  • Carry water to stay hydrated.
  • Let a friend or family member know when you leave and when you plan to return.
  • Only walk as far as you know you can go and avoid over-exerting yourself.

Summary and Final Recommendations

Walking is an important daily exercise, especially for the elderly who prefer low-impact exercises. It is still among the more popular and easiest exercises for aging adults.

Seniors that live on their own and still enjoy a daily walk should still be mindful of their safety.

Fortunately, today technology has made it possible for seniors to carry on enjoying this form of exercise and to keep safe by installing one of the apps mentioned in this article on their phones.

Personal safety apps for seniors are specifically designed for seniors to communicate with another person or more when they might need help.

These applications often provide immediate communication, peace of mind, and instant access to assistance when the person finds themselves in a sticky situation.

However, since these types of apps are made for use during actual emergencies, it is really important that they work properly.

This is why it is important for a senior or their caregivers to test an app before they start using it and consider if the purpose or features of an app will be what the person needs when they are faced with an emergency.

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