Signs that Suggest Your Parents Need Homecare

home care worker helping a senior woman with breakfastMany parents need home care, but they just don’t realize it as they dismiss the signs as an effect of aging. They may even be hesitant to accept the fact that they need some help to prevent serious health or other issues.

So it’s your responsibility to look for the signs that call for the need of home care for your parents, even though your parents may tell you that everything is fine and they don’t need any help.

Let’s take a quick look at what some of the most common signs are below.


Forgetfulness may not seem very worrying but when it grows beyond a certain point it’s important to not ignore it. Signs such as your parents not recalling recent events, forgetting names, places and other simple things, as well as general forgetfulness, are all signs that they may need home care.


This is a much more serious reason to immediately consider getting home care for your parents. It’s very likely that you may not have been around when your parents experienced sudden, unexpected falls, but you can tell if you carefully observe them and the unexplained bruises on their body.

These are likely a result of a loss of balance, and it would be a mistake to not consider getting help for your parents if they have been experiencing it frequently.

Lowered Mobility

Any kind of difficulty in sitting down, standing up, climbing the stairs, walking or even doing regular activities may be a strong indicator of lowered mobility for your parents and the fact that they need home care to help them with the said things.

Sudden Mood Changes

Mood changes that aren’t backed by a valid reason – and that too if they happen too often – may be a reason to seek home care for your parents. Some of the most common mood changes include:

  • Sudden, unexpected changes in temperament (they may also lead to cognitive issues down the road)
  • Signs of depression
  • Lack of energy
  • Lack of interest in things that your parents used to like or enjoy doing

Frequent Missed Appointments

If your parents are frequently missing appointments for no reason, they may need help. This is because it may reflect one of the variety of reasons that may be causing it, including, but not limited to forgetfulness, extreme lack of energy, poor time management, lowered ability to drive safely, lack of confidence and more.

Medication Issues

Parents forgetting to take their medications or, in some cases, taking a higher than recommended dosage can turn out to be a serious issue over a period of time. They may be due to the fact that your parents have become too forgetful and don’t remember taking their medications on time, or have trouble following prescriptions correctly.

Driving Issues

If the car your parents drive is suddenly having scratches and/or dents, it may mean they are having trouble driving carefully. Similarly, unpaid traffic tickets, too, mean that they may have become both forgetful and are having issues with driving safely.

Needless to say, these issues demand immediate attention as they can otherwise lead to serious consequences for both your parents and others.

Spoiled Food

If you’re finding spoiled food in the refrigerator or the cabinets too often, it may be due to your parents having memory issues and not remembering that there’s food in the refrigerator. Similarly, they may have been forgetting to go grocery shopping from time to time.

Having little or no food in the home, too, may be a bit more than just a minor memory issue. Of course, any of these things mean that your parents are likely not taking a nutritious or healthy diet.

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