45+ Stylish Elderly Gifts For Hip Seniors

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

Some stylish gifts for seniors include basics like jewelry, clothing, and the latest New York times best sellers. But what about some cool kitchen gadgets, wine tool sets, or even a monthly subscription box. Here are our favorite ideas.

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Elderly people are like anyone else and love to get gifts. But, not every senior is wrapped up in a shawl sitting in their favorite rocking chair. If you want to make sure you get stylish elderly gifts, you’re in the right place.

Below, you’re going to find out what hipper elderly people like to get as gifts. Remember, everyone is different so pick out what you think someone will like the most as a gift.

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Some Stylish Gifts for Seniors

General Gift Advice for Stylish Seniors

1. Jewelry Is A Great Gift

If you have a lot of money then you can always get expensive jewelry but if that’s not something you can afford there are also cheaper options. Just make sure you think of the style a person has before you get any kind of jewelry for them.

You want to make it a point to buy something that they will enjoy wearing because it’s something that fits them well. Look at jewelry they already wear as an example.

2. Clothing Can Be A Hit

Elderly men and women are sure to enjoy getting clothing as a gift, especially if it is stylish clothing. To get an idea of what your options are, be sure you shop around and see what will fit them and what to avoid getting them.

You may want to ask them at some point what size of shirt and pants they wear so you don’t buy something that doesn’t fit. Of course, you can always include the receipt with the gift so if it doesn’t fit them they can return it for something else.

3. Arts And Crafts For A Homemade Gift

Elderly people love it when you make something for them that they can treasure. For instance, you and your child could put together a bird house for an elderly relative or friend. Another idea would be to make a picture album that features photographs of your family that they may not have.

Either way, try to make something that speaks to the person. Think about what they are interested in and then you can make them something that they are sure to love for many years to come!

4. Gift Cards Work In Some Situations

If you don’t really know what to get your loved one as a gift, a gift card can be a good idea. Ask the person where they shop on a regular basis and get them a gift card for that place. Or, if you want them to be able to treat themselves to something you can go with a gift card for a place like a nice restaurant they generally couldn’t afford to go to otherwise.

Just make it a point to put enough money on a gift card for them to get something so they don’t have to spend their money on top of the gift card to get what they want.

5. Books Are Loved By A Lot Of Elderly People

If you are getting a gift for someone that has retired, then they may have a lot of time on their hands at this point. This means that they need things to do at home that are going to help them pass the time.

A great escape is through a book for a lot of people. To keep it stylish, research the latest authors and what books are making the top selling lists.

If you know an elderly person that reads on a regular basis, consider an audiobook player or a gift card for a website/store that sells books for good prices.

Wrapping Up!

It’s not hard to find a stylish elderly gifts if you know what to look for. Now that you have a better idea of what your options are, we wanted to share more gift ideas with you. Keep reading to find out what else is worth your money in the way of gifts for elderly people.

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