senior man hugging his wife with a sad look on his face

5 Signs Of The Elderly Giving Up On Life

If you are afraid an elderly person you love might be giving up on life, here are 5 important signs to watch for: withdrawal, apathy, increased sleep, decreasing vital signs, and rapid progression to the end. Keep reading to learn more about each stage.

woman with dementia getting out of bed

Best Bed Alarms for Elderly People: Fall Prevention for Dementia

Bed alarms don’t specifically prevent falls but they do alert caregivers as soon as a senior gets out of bed. This early warning can greatly reduce the chance of a fall injury though! Here are the best bed alarms for elderly people who are at risk of falling from bed.

in home care worker helping smiling senior lady

Hiring an In-Home Caregiver: What You Need to Know

Caring for seniors and the elderly can be both rewarding and exhausting. There is nothing wrong with getting some help! Below, guest author Sarah Keller shares important tips for hiring an in-home caregiver.

dealing with hallucinations in the elderly

Learn How To Deal With Hallucinations In The Elderly

While there are many causes of hallucinations in the elderly, it is important to know what symptoms to watch for. Some examples are anxiety, talking to people who aren’t there, insomnia, and changes in mood. Here are some tips on how to deal with hallucinations plus knowing when it’s ok to do nothing.

dealing with demanding elderly parents

How To Deal With An Elderly Parent That Is Demanding

When dealing with an elderly parent who is demanding, take a step back and look at their overall situation. Try to figure out the trigger and work on that. Here are several tips on how to deal with an elderly parent who is demanding.

view of a depressed elderly woman from behind

How to Help an Elderly Person with Depression

It is important to understand that depression is NOT a normal part of aging. If they senior quits doing activities they love, have changes in their personality, or is sad for long periods of time, they might be depressed. Get help for them immediately.