senior with arthritic hands drinking coffee with granddaughter

What are the Best Coffee Cups for Arthritic Hands?

Arthritis pain can even take the enjoyment out of a nice hot cup of coffee. Holding onto a heavy mug with a thin handle adds to the pain. So, here are the best coffee cups for arthritic hands so you can hang onto that nice warm cup more easily.

senior man with using a spray bottle with arthritic hands

What is the Best Spray Bottle for Arthritic Hands?

Spray bottles are helpful household gadgets but maybe not if you suffer from arthritis in your hands. The squeezing and pumping is painful. So, here are the best spray bottles for arthritic hands for less pain.

senior woman smiling and holding a water bottle

The Best Water Bottles for Arthritic Hands

Arthritis pain often affects even simple tasks like drinking from a reusable water bottle. Keeping a tight grip or having to squeeze a plastic bottle hurts. So, to help you keep hydrated with less pain, here are the best water bottles for arthritic hands.

senior woman with arthritis pain from purse

What is the Best Purse for Arthritis to Reduce Shoulder Pain?

Heavy purses just add to shoulder pain from arthritis. Look for purses that are lightweight and distribute weight across the body. The best purse for arthritis pain is usually a crossbody bag or lightweight purse with wide straps. Here are my top recommendations.

smiling senior opening a bottle

The 6 Best Bottle Openers For Arthritic Hands

From water bottles to pill containers, bottles are a daily part of many senior’s lives. But, often arthritis can make twisting a lid off of a bottle a painful event. So, to help with this, here are the best bottle openers for arthritic hands.

senior man looking at cans of food

The Best Electric Can Openers For Seniors and The Elderly

Many seniors struggle opening canned food because of weakness, arthritis, and other aches and pains. But using the right can opener can reduce this pain and make opening cans a much easier task. Here are the best electric can openers for seniors.

close up of senior opening a can with a manual can opener

The 5 Best Manual Can Openers for Seniors

Not every senior wants or needs the latest electronic gadgets. So, here are the best manual can openers for seniors that have a familiar feel and look but are easier to use with soft grips, large cranks, and safety features built in.

standard computer mouse can hurt people with arthritis in their hands

What is the Best Computer Mouse for Arthritic Hands?

Here are my recommended mice and mouse alternatives for helping with wrist pain, finger pain, and thumb pain from arthritis. Or, read on for a buying guide with advice on how to shop for a computer mouse for arthritis sufferers.

senior man and woman smiling while using a large computer keyboard

Best Keyboards for Seniors With Low Vision, Arthritis, and More

As computer usage increases among seniors and the elderly, it is sometimes necessary to find the right products to make using technology easier. Standard keyboard letters and keys can be difficult for seniors with low vision. Seniors with arthritis may experience pain. Here are the best keyboards for seniors!

senior man with cans of food

The Best Can Openers for Arthritic Hands

The best can openers for arthritic hands help seniors by allowing them to open can with minimal or no pain. They should be easy to operate with minimal force and effort.

desert road in a mountain climate

Best Climates for Arthritis: Time to Start Packing?

The best climate for a person with arthritis has low humidity, mild to warm temperatures, and little fluctuation in barometric pressure. Here are a few US and International cities that are good for arthritis sufferers.