man with arthritic hands opening a wine bottle for his wife

The Best Wine Opener For Arthritic Hands

If you are a wine enthusiast, then you know just how relaxing it is to take a glass of your favorite wine at the end of a tiring day. However, for those who suffer from arthritic hands, the thought of opening a wine bottle might not be as appealing!

senior woman with aching back from cleaning house

8 Bend-Free Cleaning Tools For A Bad Back

Cleaning the house can be a real pain in the … back (and the back side!) If your back hurts every time you clean, try one or all of these 8 tools for less back pain while doing your household chores!

woman with arthritis pain from cleaning her house

Top 15 Pain Reducing Cleaning Tips For People With Arthritis

No matter your age, if you suffer from arthritis, you are fully aware that your activities can be limited at times. This is true for many tasks around the house, such as cleaning. Fortunately, it is possible to minimize joint pain while cleaning up around your home.

gifts for arthritic hands

35+ Top Gifts For People With Arthritic Hands

The best gifts for people with arthritic hands are ones that reduce the pain associated with common daily tasks, gifts that improve overall quality of life, and health enhancing gifts. Don’t know where to start? Here are our favorites.