best ipad games for dementia

What Are the Best iPad Games For Dementia?

Here are seven iPad games for dementia that can help ease these feelings of anxiety by introducing new activities and ideas into your everyday life. These games will help keep your mind sharp while also giving you something fun to do during those tough days.

woman with dementia

When to Move from Assisted Living to Memory Care

Memory care is a unique modification of assisted living that offers escalating care for seniors with dementia. But the care options, environment, and lifestyle offered are shaped to assist seniors struggling with a memory loss condition. Here’s how to know when it’s time to make the move.


The Difference Between Memory Care and Nursing Home Care

If you have an aging loved one who requires specialized care due to dementia, you may be confused as to which facility suits him/her the best. The choice usually comes down to memory care or a nursing home – here are the differences between the two.

senior woman trying not to fall when getting out of bed

The Best Bed Rails for Seniors, the Elderly, and Adults

Safety bed rails help seniors get out of bed more easily by providing a stable and firm bed handle they can push up from. There are many different styles to meet the user’s individual needs. Here are the best bed rails for seniors and the elderly.

senior with dementia trying to understand her calendar

Best Electronic Calendars for Seniors & Elderly With Dementia

For instance, tracking the time and date is pretty automatic for a lot of us. However, the elderly and seniors seem to lose track of time quite easily. On the other hand, there are many helpful devices, such as electronic calendars, that can help seniors who have dementia. Learn more about them here.

senior with dementia reminiscing with her daughter

How Reminiscence Therapy Can Benefit Seniors Living with Dementia

Seniors with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia may find their cognitive abilities decline rapidly and their sense of personal identity slip away, but they are often still able to recall cherished memories from the past. This strong bond to familiar people, places, and experiences is the basis for a special form of therapy for individuals with dementia – reminiscence therapy.

senior man with dementia talking on a cell phone

6 Best Cell Phones for Seniors with Dementia

Dementia doesn’t mean using a cell phone is impossible. Cell phones for dementia patients just need to be easy to use with big buttons and an easy to read screen. Emergency features like SOS calling are important too. Here are the best cell phones for seniors with dementia.