daughter discussing gps trackers for elderly with her mother

What Are The Best GPS Trackers For Elderly Adults?

Wandering is a common behavior of elderly people with dementia and Alzheimers. This can lead to them getting lost or in unsafe conditions. Here are the best GPS trackers for elderly adults for monitoring their location ans getting them help when needed.

senior man speaking into a simple digital voice recorder

Simple Digital Voice Recorders for Seniors & The Elderly

Digital voice recorders have lots of uses for seniors from recording reminders to preserving family oral histories. Voice recorders for the elderly should be simple to use, convenient to carry, and have great audio quality with large buttons. Some of the easier to use models are in the article below.

surviving a long car trip with a parent with dementia

Surviving a Long Car Trip with a Parent with Dementia

Traveling with older parents is always an adventure. But, dementia adds a whole new layer of complexity. The key to surviving a car trip with a parent with dementia is to bring familiar items, expect the unexpected, and to manage your own stress as well.