seniors shocked looking at computer after discovering identity theft

The Best Identity Theft Protection For Seniors

For most seniors, Identity Theft Insurance is a wise investment. But how do you know which plan is the best for your needs? This guide to the best identity theft protection for seniors will help you sort this out. Use the guide to determine what you need and find the plan that best meets those needs.

frustrated seniors with head on table and stacks of bills

Should Seniors Buy Identity Theft Insurance? Pros and Cons

Seniors can be easy targets for scams and financial abuse including identity theft. Learn the pros and cons of identity theft insurance for seniors to decide if it’s right for you. I think you’ll find the pros outweigh the cons! Spoiler Alert! Yes, most seniors should buy identity theft insurance because they often have the most to lose versus the cheap cost of most policies.

senior man looking at computer trying to decide should seniors buy identity theft insurance

7 Quick and Easy Identity Theft Tips for Seniors

Seniors and the elderly are often easy target for financial scams including identity theft. Here are 7 easy to implement but effective identity theft tips to protect seniors preserve a lifetime of savings and work.