causes of cold in elderly

5 Common Causes of Feeling Cold in the Elderly [How to Help]

The most common reasons that elderly people feel cold are usually tied to medical conditions like hypothyroidism or hypotension. But medications and physical changes in the body related to aging can also make seniors feel cold. Here are the most common causes.

senior couple curled up under warm blankets for the eldelry

The Best Warm Blankets For The Elderly [Cozy and Soft Too]

To find the best warm blanket for an elderly person you should know where they will use the blanket, how warm they want to be, the differences in the various materials and how easy it is to clean. Keep reading to see my top recommendations.

winter safety tips for seniors

Winter Safety Tips for Seniors to Keep Them Safe and Warm

Keep the seniors you love safer in the winter by improving their overall health, evaluating their environment, having a backup plan, and making sure they have the right clothing and footwear. Here are more winter safety tips for seniors.

electric blanket for recliner

6 Electric Blankets to Keep You Warm in Your Recliner

To use an electric blanket with a recliner, you need one that is a little more durable and can withstand getting caught on the mechanics of the chair. But you also want one that is cozy warm and safe too, right? Here are my top picks.