self esteem activities for seniors

8 Self-Esteem Activities For Seniors: Improving the Self Image of Aging Adults

Self-esteem does fluctuate during the span of a person’s life, but there is a notable decline starting in most people in their 60s. Lower levels of self-esteem can lead to poorer physical health as well as mental health, speeding up the aging process. Try these activities to improve the self-esteem of a senior you love.

senior with dementia reminiscing with her daughter

How Reminiscence Therapy Can Benefit Seniors Living with Dementia

Seniors with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia may find their cognitive abilities decline rapidly and their sense of personal identity slip away, but they are often still able to recall cherished memories from the past. This strong bond to familiar people, places, and experiences is the basis for a special form of therapy for individuals with dementia – reminiscence therapy.

senior couple working in garden to keep mentally sharp

8 Activities to Keep Your Senior Loved One Mentally Sharp

It’s pretty common among middle-aged people to forget their car keys, have someone’s name at the tip of their tongue but can’t remember it, or get the details of a memory wrong. If people in their 40s can be prone to such memory lapses, can you imagine how it must be for our elderly loved ones in their 70s or older?

senior man hugging his wife with a sad look on his face

5 Signs Of The Elderly Giving Up On Life

If you are afraid an elderly person you love might be giving up on life, here are 5 important signs to watch for: withdrawal, apathy, increased sleep, decreasing vital signs, and rapid progression to the end. Keep reading to learn more about each stage.

view of a depressed elderly woman from behind

How to Help an Elderly Person with Depression

It is important to understand that depression is NOT a normal part of aging. If they senior quits doing activities they love, have changes in their personality, or is sad for long periods of time, they might be depressed. Get help for them immediately.